Character guide in the order of appearance:

Megan Boyer – Comatose and brain-dead hospital patient who had lived her life as a sociopathic, high school, mean girl. Her body becomes Loma’s life form on Earth.

Loma Shade – An Avian alien raised on planet Meta by adoptive parents Meta parents. She tries to fit in but can not completely change her Avian ways to conform. Once she hears about Rac Shade she finds her calling and wants to travel to earth as he had using a Madness vest. Her boyfriend, Lepuck, just happens to work at the Meta Museum of Alien Curiosities where the madness vest is being displayed in the Earth Exhibit.

Rac Shade – A poet who went to earth to fight the Madness. He disappeared and is believed to be stuck in the madness. His death, and the deaths of some who also traveled under his tutelage (Shade recruits), caused the program to be discontinued.

Lepuck Ledo – Loma’s “kinda dopey” boyfriend on Meta who also works at the Meta Museum of Alien Curiosities.  He’s also in a band.

Megan’s Parents – Megan’s parents have yet to play a crucial role other than the one where we see they are scared of Megan, they are confused by Loma as Megan, but when the chips are down they seem to stop at nothing to make sure she’s safe.

Wes – Megan’s “boy toy” of a boyfriend, becomes Seema’s boyfriend after Megan’s ‘accident’.

The Swim Team:

  • Seema – Becomes Captain after Megan’s ‘accident’ and formerly part of Megan’s clique.
  • Teacup – The outcast of the swim team who Megan takes great pleasure in hurting and embarrassing repeatedly.
  • Grace – Swim Team member and part of Megan’s clique.
  • Sofia – Swim Team member and part of Megan’s clique.

River – Moved in next door to Megan while she was in the hospital. He is friends with Teacup, is considered to be a loser in school and cautiously befriends Loma after hearing all the things Megan had done in the past.

Mellu Loran – Made famous on Meta by the poem “Mellu’s Lament” by Rac Shade- her former lover. Now investigating the loss of the madness vest and will go to any means necessary to reacquire it, including reforming the O.R.C.

Mrs. Deeps – Works along side Mellu in investigating and trying to reclaim the madness vest.

O.R.C. – Occult Research Center

Gilineau – One of Lepuck’s friends and a bandmate.

Coach Mercado – Swim Team Coach.

Thomp – One of Lepuck’s friends and a bandmate.

The Madness – The area of madness is a buffer zone between Meta and other planets.

Life With Honey – a 1950’s tv show that is described as the most popular earth show in the universe at the Meta Museum. It’s also a featured side story at the end of certain issues of Shade starting with issue #5.

  • Honey Rich – An I Love Lucy type of character.
  • Edgar Rich – Honey’s new husband and scientist.
  • Carmen – Honey’s best friend and wife to one of Edgar’s colleagues.
  • Midge – Wife to one of Edgar’s colleagues; Honey’s foe.

Loma’s Parents – She doesn’t know them. Her family came to Meta before she was born in search of a better life. Since Avian’s raise their children differently than Metans do they failed the parenting test and Loma was put up for adoption.

Loma’s adoptive parents – Strict Metans determined to raise Loma to be a model Meta citizen; Beaucrats. Tried to force Loma to be everything that she was not until Loma rebelled and – in true Avian nature – went roaming.

The Sonic Booms – A 50’s band popularized by an appearance on Life With Honey.

Boomie – Fans of The Sonic Booms

Jen Vaughn – The name of the woman who let Shade keep her ID.


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