Shade the Changing Girl is an incredibly fast paced fun read that makes you think about big topics and not even realize you’re doing it. From bullying, the art of an apology, becoming self-aware, and all the way up to female empowerment these books are the role model I wish I had growing up and the friends I wish I had present-day.

The books start when Loma, an Avian from the planet Meta, tricks her boyfriend, Lepuck, who works at the Meta Museum, into letting her try on Rac Shade’s madness cloak at the museum’s earth exhibit. From there we are sent on a wild ride to earth with Loma Shade who inhabits the body of a brain-dead, sociopath, high school mean-girl, Megan Boyer.

These books are particularly heartwarming because in addition to Loma learning how to overcome Megan to keep possession of the body, she also gains first hand knowledge on just how badly it feels to be bullied as those who once feared Megan now take their feelings out on Loma.

In the series second arc we watch her growing and exploring with a childlike view of the world that pairs well with the hard truths she has to face about herself and about this new world she’s living in.

As more and more wreckage piles up, will she be able to overcome her bad choices or will she continue to run from one adventure to the next leaving a trail of madness as she goes?

She wanted to experience earth and explore. What’s the next step once you’ve achieved your life long dream? We look forward to seeing how it turns out for Shade and we hope you will too!


New reader tips for reading Shade:
Keep an eye on the color of the narration boxes (the ones that don’t point to anyone indicate they are talking).

Blue is Loma’s thoughts
Pink is Megan’s thoughts
Multi-colored – Rac Shade – mostly poetry that Loma is thinking about as she’s in a scene.
Be sure to read the Life With Honey series at the end of the books starting in issue #5 as they coincide with Shade’s storyline and make reading Shade much easier to understand.

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