Mother Panic Character Guide

Please note the following character guide does not go into depth about each character to avoid spoilers, however, some may occur anyway.

Characters are listed in the order that they first appear in the comics.


Violet/Mother Panic:

Dr. Suditi Varma – Violet’s Doctor. She first met Dr. Varma at Gather House.

Martin Paige – Violet’s father who dies in what is believed to be a hunting accident.

Rebecca Paige:

Dominic – Bodyguard to Hemsley. After realizing the kind of guy Hemsley is he runs and Mother Panic saves him from being murdered and brings him to her home.

Hemsley – Villain that Mother Panic is after in the first story arc to seek revenge for the role he played in her past.

Gala – Villain who kills for art, among other things that include child trafficking.

Batwoman – Female vigilante that works along side Batman to fight crime.

Batman – Caped crusader that fights back against crime in Gotham.

Victor Paige – Violet’s ruthless older brother who sends her away to Gather House where he hopes she will be tortured.

Mother Patrick – Head nun at Gather House.

Layton – A predominant man in society who at the start of the second story arc in issue #4 is recognized by Violet as the man who told Victor about Gather house.

Pretty – Another vigilante that was sent to Gather House. Pretty is also seeking revenge, but in a way that Mother Panic disagrees with and ultimately they become enemies.

Otis Flannagan/RatCatcher – Is able to speak to rats and have them do his bidding. Was once a villain that went by the name of Ratcatcher but is now reformed and living in Mother Panic’s basement.

Rosie – A child who Mother Panic saved in the first story arc is back in the third story arc when her parents are killed by The Coroner

The Coroner – Real name, Larry Tulloch. Fired from being a P.A. on Angela Chen’s late night show after receiving a restraining order from a guest for stalking. He spends his time in Gotham seeking out victims and attacking them because he believes he is making them stronger if they survive his attack.

Jane – A former friend of Violet’s back at Gather House who had turned against her once. Now faced with running into her again Violet must decide if she’s good or bad.

Wilson – Jane’s husband. Your typical sort of brute.


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