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It’s not that easy to define this comic or this character. Sure we can tell you the basics: Set in Gotham, vigilante in white, rich celebutant, trauma survivor, body modification addict, etc. But that’s just the surface.

Mother Panic follows the public life of Violet and her “dark side” as Mother Panic when she dawns her white costume and mounts her white glider in search for revenge. Gerard said at NC Comicon 2016 “You’re not supposed to like her…not yet.” And it is very likely you will find that she’s initially a character you enjoy hating.

As the story develops though, you’ll find it harder and harder to hate her. You may even be shocked to realize you’re starting to love her. Underneath that white helmet that spits venom and the scandalous celebutant mask she wears as Violet, lies an unbreakable spirit, strength, courage and heart that runs deep to her inner core. So deep in fact it appears that Violet is making these realizations at the same time as us, the readers.

Mother Panic may be imperfect and she may be deeply flawed, but she also just might be what Gotham needs.


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