Mags Visaggio is the writer of DC Young Animals next mini-series “Eternity Girl”. We are happy to have her join the Young Animal family.

In addition to Eternity Girl you should check out the other work she does in the comic book industry as well.

The titles and descriptions of her work below were taken from her patreon page so, if you like what you see and you’d like to help support her so she can continue making queer-centric and empowering comics please click here.

Relevant work includes:

  • Kim & Kim (Black Mask Studios) — The cult comic about best friend interdimensional bounty hunters, featuring trans and bisexual protagonists. Art by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre. Sequel coming Summer 2017
  • Quantum Teens Are Go (Black Mask Studios) — Teenage sweethearts scavenges old superscience labs so they can build a time machine, featuring trans and LGBTQIA* protagonists. Art by Eryk Donovan and Claudia Aguirre. February 2017
  • Sex/Death/Revolution (TBA) – A transgender mage living in modern New York City finds her past keeps changing on her. The culprit? Well, that’s a little complicated. Art by Becca Farrow and Harry Saxon. Fall 2017
  • Morning in America (TBA) – It’s 1983, and a group of teen girl delinquents are the only ones standing in between a small town and total destruction at the hands of weird-ass monsters. ALSO THEY ARE ADORABLE GAYBIES. Art by Claudia Aguirre. Release TBD

You can also swing by her twitter to stay up to date in everything she is currently up to!


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