Doom Patrol Reoccurring Character Guide

Please note the following character guide does not go into depth about each character to avoid spoilers, however, some may occur anyway.

Characters are listed in the order that they first appear in the comics.

Casey Brinke

Casey Brinke is an EMT that drives an Ambulance. When we first meet her she fills us in that her family is deceased, but the more we read about her the more we know and the less she thinks she knows. Inception? Divine Intervention? Existential Crisis? You’ll have to read and make that decision for yourself. But one thing Casey knows for sure…


Sam is father to Lucious, husband to Vivian, and just happens to be Casey’s EMT partner at work. He’s also introspective and thoughtful as you can see here…

Cliff Steele/Robotman

Many years ago Cliff Steele was in an accident. To save his life Niles Caulder put his brain into a robot, which is where he became the Robotman. Cliff is a fun character to watch because he’s a cranky ol’ cuss with a big a heart. Moral? Don’t mess with someone Cliff cares about.



Ricardo is someone we don’t know a lot about just yet but he keeps cropping up so we felt it important to mention. We first find him in desperate search of Danny. He wears a name tag that suggests he was an employee of Oolong Island Hotel & Resort. Since Danny has taken many past forms we assume this is the connection. We look forward to learning more about Ricardo.


Niles Caulder

We haven’t seen much of Niles, and depending on which characters you ask you’d find conflicting stories. Niles helped form the Doom Patrol, much like Professor X with the X- Men. However some characters blame him for what they have become stating he caused the accidents that made them what they are. So far Niles has only appeared in cryptic pages that give more questions than answers. We’re anxious to meet this guy and find out what his side of the story is.


Terry None

She starts out as an eccentric singing telegram that makes Casey’s roommate explode into birthday cake. We still haven’t seen much of her, but we expect she’ll play more to the story as well since she also keeps popping up.

Danny the Ambulance

We feel we’d be doing you a grave disservice to explain Danny to you. So we will leave it as Danny is an ambulance, but before that he was many other things as well.


Casey Brinke’s cat. An independent type of dude.


Larry Trainor/Negative Man

Captain Larry Trainor is a man who was joined with a negative spirit. When he seperated from the negative spirit it created a stir in the negative space. When given the chance to choose to live a normal life or rejoin the negative spirit he chose to join with the negative spirit.

Without the negative spirit, Larry needs to feed on negative energy to survive…

But when he is joined with the negative spirit he can control it…

Flex Mentallo

We don’t know a whole lot about Flex just yet but what we can tell you is he’s part of Danny’s Cabaret, strong and seems like a sweet dude. We look forward to learning more about him!


Fugg is a character that reminds us a bit of Teddy Ruxpin but a lot more charm and love. Kinda like if Teddy Ruxpin and Lola had a baby in Danny Land we’d get Fugg. He only says one word, but his power is love without words and a cassette player for when they are needed. He also has a mysterious lotion like slime that may have some magical properties as well.


In previous books with Jane she was referred to as Crazy Jane, but in a Kerrang! Interview Gerard stated he wanted to approach this character with as much compassion as possible since she is the one struggling with one of the most stigmatized conditions of all, schizophrenia. Jane is known to have 63 people taking space in her head and each one has their own powers. We are pleased Gerard dropped the “Crazy” in her name and is approaching her as a human being. We look forward to seeing how he treats this character and embraces how special and unique she is.







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