Before reading this Muldroog Guide we strongly suggest you have read past issue #5 to avoid spoilers.

Muldroog – Ancient underground civilization. Name translates into “Keeper of the Demon”

Muldroogan – an inhabitant of Muldroog

Palli’d – The one true God to the Muldroog.

Palli’d Rensa (God Stones) – irradiated stones.

Royal Family:

King P’Thrall
Queen -‘Thrall
Princess Mazra “Mazzy” Tolten P’Thrall
Chloe Carson – Daughter of the princess and of royal bloodline
Hezzet – King’s Personal Guard (not of the royal bloodline).

Places in Muldroog:

Temple of Palli’d – Temple for the one true God, Palli’d. Sits above the prison that contains The Whisperer.

Sha’Muldroog – “A lush hidden sanctuary.” Everything there is given life the Palli’d Rensa.

Tomb of the Whisperer – Set under the Temple of Palli’d and is cased in inertron. The only door to the tomb is guarded by a scoria lock.

Glossary of mysterious things.

Uvinium – a substance that’s “radiation is known to mutate Annelida to enormous size.”

Annelida – a scientific term for worm.

Inertron – the hardest, densest metal substance known to the DC Universe

Night Pudding – a hallucinagenic pudding.

Scoria Lock – A lock that can only be opened by someone of the Muldroogan King’s bloodline.

Muldroog Language

Palli’d Rensa – God Stones

Dehumet – Danger

Het – Dead

Me-Mene Et – My name is

Mulli’d – used to describe the Whisperer possibly means “demon”


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