Cave Carson Character Guide

Since there are a lot of characters in Cave and some only appear once but play a vital role we decided to list these characters by the issue that they were named in. We hope this makes it easy for you to use this guide as a companion to the books as you read or after if you need some clarification. Please keep in mind the person creating this, created it because she also struggled to understand Cave Carson and doesn’t profess to be 100% correct about everything. Please be aware that if you read beyond the issue that you are currently reading you will find spoilers.

Issue #1

Cave Carson – An underground explorer/expert on rocks and minerals. He has a cybernetic eye made of an unidentifiable metal that scans and captures every moment of his life. He is the widower to Eileen Carson, Father to Chloe Carson, knows superman and an employee of EBX.

Chloe Carson – Ass-kicking-strong-willed-prius-driving college student and daughter to Cave and Eileen Carson.

Daniel – Chloe Carson’s boyfriend.

Gary – Front door security at EBX

The Mighty Mole Mark I – Car built by EBX for underground exploration missions that sits in the front lobby of EBX after Cave “borrowed” it once.

The Mighty Mole Mark II – A newer model of the Mark I that’s been upgraded with the latest technology to do underground excursions as well.

Ace РHead of the  Mighty Mole Team for underground explorations to discover minerals.

Mighty Mole Team – A team trained by EBX to do underground explorations and collect minerals.

Paul Borsten – The corrupt and cowardly president of EBX.

McGreggor – Member of the Mighty Mole Team

Jeanette – Member of the Mighty Mole Team

“Doc” – Friend of Cave who is a mechanical engineer and does his best to help with Cave’s cybernetic eye.

Issue #2

Wild Dog/Jack Wheeler – Cave’s friend and sidekick who is heavily armed and not afraid to do whatever it takes to ensure his friend, Cave, and Cave’s daughter are safe.

Issue #3

Johnny Blake – First in command of the Mighty Mole Team, highly experienced in underground excursions and tracking.

Magma Troll – A being Cave went up against to save Muldroog (Possibly the time he “borrowed” the Mighty Mole Mark I)

Muldroogan – an inhabitant of the ancient underground civilization of Muldroog

Fungus Beast – a poisoned muldroogan or person who sacrifices themselves to the being they serve or gives themselves to him in a last act before death.

Eileen Carson (aka Princess Mazra “Mazzy” Tolten P’Thrall) – Deceased, Princess of Muldroog, but left to have a life above ground to protect her daughter, Chloe.


Doc Fijal – Part of the Mighty Mole Team

Aleister – Mighty Mole Team member who dies believing she’s on a mission to rescue Cave and bring him home and twin sister to Alexa.

Edward Borsten – First introduced as “Dad” in Paul Borsten’s office, but is first seen in issue #1 watching Cave wave goodbye to Chloe after they had dinner. He is believed to be retired but clearly has other plans in mind. His physical appearance gives tells that something is off. Though he is still resembling a human for now he is also covered and dripping in some sort of slime.

Issue #4

King & Queen P’Thrall – Parents of Mazra. Cave’s in-laws.

Issue #5

The Whisperer – Demon trapped beneath the Temple of Palli’d

Kiyep A’ken – Farmer’s son who freed the whisperer and was enslaved by it.

Sildonna – Kiyep’s eldest daughter who defeated the whisperer and freed the people of Muldroog

Palli’d – The one true God to the Muldroogan

Hezzet – King’s personal guard (Who we met at the end of issue #1 but didn’t know who it was).

Issue #7

Team Carson – A Mighty Mole team from back in the day when Cave was a young explorer.

Christine Madison – A member of the Mighty Mole Team from when Cave met Superman. Cave may have had feelings for her at one point but chose to be with Mazra.


Issue #8

Michael Pembrook – Only appears once in a grave Chloe and Cave visit in another dimension. In Chloe and Cave’s dimension it is where Eileen’s grave should be.

Professor Marc Bartow – Cave see’s him in an alternate dimension as a professor and tells everyone he knows him as his “geological mentor, producer and psychadelic guru.” In Cave’s dimension Prof. Bartow is deceased.

Issue #10

Alexa – Twin to Aleister, who died in issue #3, and a member of the Mighty Mole Team who joins forces with the fellowship of The Whisperer because she believes she is honoring her sister.

Cave Carson Jr. – Cave’s son from another dimension. In Cave Jr’s dimension his mother is Christine Madison and does not know of Mazra.




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