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Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye is written by Jon Rivera but the story is by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera as a team, and it may be the hardest to follow of the Young Animal line if you’re a beginner because it deals with introducing new ideas, worlds and even languages that aren’t always immediately explained.

In the early stages of Cave we find him mourning the loss of his wife, but this quickly changes when he is visited by a member of the underground civilization known as Muldroog. The Muldroogan warns of danger and names Cave’s employer EBX before turning into a fungus monster.

From there we are plunged into a twisting story that has it all. Greed, corruption, naivety, demons, gods, betrayal, love and inter-dimensional warfare are just some of the things that will jump out at you as you read this book. However, what makes this book as good as it really is, is that at it’s core is a dad who loves his daughter and is terrified of failing her.

OH! There’s also that mysterious eye made of a metal not known to human kind that scans and stores every moment of Cave’s life and appears to be on the fritz making Cave face PTSD like flashbacks and hallucinations.

I’m going to be honest, I may have given up on this comic if it was not for the fact that I read comics knowing that it’s ok to be confused and the more you read the more you will understand. Yes, sometimes this means you might have to keep flipping back to find reference points, or maybe even re-read the entire story again to catch everything, but that’s not much different than watching a good horror movie that leaves you wondering what you missed that made it clear who the killer was.

I’m glad I didn’t give up on this book because it really has helped me learn a new way to really look at how I read comics. It helps you spot the simple details that later become very important and by the time you’re reading issue #6 – when it works less on detailing the world and more on detailing the story – you’re skilled enough, even as a new reader, keep up. Not just keep up, but also feel the baseline of the big heart that lies beneath it.

If you love books that deal in epic battles of good vs evil, you’re gonna love this book! For those of you who prefer easier reading experiences we have set up a character guide and a guide of Muldroog that includes the words we know thus far of the Muldroogan language. Yes this definitely will contain some spoilers and take some AH HA! moments out of it for you, but it will help you follow along easier.

Our suggestion, since our guides are set up in the order in which they appear is perhaps to use them as companions as you read or refer to them after you’ve initially read the books.


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