We know Lee Allred as the witty writer of DC Young Animal’s first 6 part mini-series, BUG! The Adventures of Forager, but his career spans far beyond that. From being an Iraqi war veteran to working on establishing a publishing company there’s not much Lee hasn’t done.

Check out this excerpt taken from his website: leeallred.com

Dubbed “The Master Sergeant of Alternate History,” award-winning writer Lee Allred has written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Baen Books, and numerous short fiction anthologies. .

Lee has held the usual assortment of writerly jobs: commercial artist, radar maintenance technician, cartographer, butcher’s assistant, missionary, construction foreman, ranch hand, newspaper sports photographer, ditch digger, cyber transport technician, corporate cubicle warrior, &c.

After serving three rotations in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom for the United States Air Force, Lee has settled down on the beautiful, rainy Oregon Coast.

Lee helped establish small press publisher¬†Rookhouse Books(run by OIF vets) and much of his current writing effort, when he’s not writing comics for DC and Marvel, is aimed at helping Rookhouse succeed.

But don’t worry…Lee’s fiction will continue to pop up in traditional book markets and comic book venues!

Also be sure to check out our section of Lee’s liner notes for some great inside scoops on the making of BUG! and keep up to date with what Lee is doing via his hilariously entertaining twitter account.

(Sidenote: We were unable to find a picture of Lee Allred. If you have one we’d love to update this.)


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