This week was kind of quiet with the holidays coming up but some pretty rad things still happened we want to make sure you didn’t miss, so lets get into it!

Sunday Dec 16, 2018

A couple new pics from when Gerard was in Brazil surfaced.

and Umbrella Academy made us laugh.

Monday Dec. 17th, 2018

Umbrella Academy gave us this new teaser…

and agreed with us that they also want her autograph!

Meanwhile Lola came on to say hi and let us know they went holiday shopping.

And we found out that on Saturday Gerard had gone to see Reggie and the Full Effect.

We also had a pretty good discussion on trying to figure out why Gerard might wear the same outfit all the time.

Tuesday Dec 19, 2018

Lola came on to show us some rad merch from some rad people!

While Umbrella Academy worried about Number 5’s dry cleaning bill…

And after many fans had asked for it, Gerard came on to let us know a little info about the Dasher video and give us the full lyrics including the spoken part that was absent from the lyric video.

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This is a clip from the brilliant Dasher lyric video by director @aaronhymes. I find this video to be very moving, and I love the direction and the powerful moments that happen in it. Also, some people have been asking about the spoken word part of the song. That was done by Lydia Night from @theregrettesband and it was so wonderful to have her amazing voice in the song. I find her bit to be haunting yet kind and personal. Lyrics are below. #dasher – Dasher Under atmospheric haze Just some stratospheric strays we wait And can we hold on our hearts ‘til the day brings the light? Nice to meet you Marigold I don’t think you’re looking old but “I don’t think you can stay” Said the sea to the night When you go When you go away When you go Can you come this way? ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars I hope you both come around this way She’s a waitress he’s uptown City rain it gets her down enough to waste all her dreams On a paycheck and drown But she needs to laugh sometimes And she dreams you’ll take her with you anywhere ‘Cause these air traffic lanes need you now When you go When you go away When you go Can you come this way? ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars I hope you both come around this way I really can’t tell if I’m dreaming or breathing Could be I’m just meaning to stay on the ground but I’m easing into the dark and lifting off hand in yours And the clouds never look like this down there And the stars make a sound way up here And I never miss the sun when I’m with you I never miss the sea Like I’m never leaving home And I’m never all alone I’m just waiting for the magic Of the diamonds in the trees Here with you Here with us Way up in the air with the birds and the snow and this great big sky ‘Cause I feel safe in your arms And she’s got dashes in her stars Let’s run away fast and far And no matter where you are I hope you know That we can show this world it just can’t bring us down From these clouds When we come this way This way This way Someday Someday This way

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To end our day Lindsey shared her fabulous art with us…

And let us know that we could get it by sending a DM on Instagram to the LA Metaphysical Library.

Wednesday Dec 19th, 2018

Doom Patrol vol. 2 TPB Nada came out in stores!

And we spent some time with Lindsey Way and Boom Boom.

To end the day we got this gorgeous peace of fan art from our friend, and FUN staff member, Aliisa!

Thursday Dec 20, 2018

Umbrella Academy gave us this pic of the ever handsome, Luther.

Friday Dec 21th, 2018

We learned that the show for Doom Patrol will also be released on the same day as Umbrella Academy, Feb 15th.

And Umbrella Academy filled us in on what Diego likes best…KNIVES.

Marley Zarcone ended off our day by showing us this incredible commission she did of Crazy Jane from Doom Patrol.

Saturday Dec 22nd, 2018

Umbrella Academy gave us a peak of Ellen Page as Vanya. We feel like the fact that she has a violin over her eyes instead of an Umbrella while they claim she is “v v ordinary” would leave those who haven’t read the comics confused.

Lindsey also took this day to show us her “gift” wrapping skills.

And Gerard gave us a friendly reminder.

And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this weeks weekly recap!

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