Hey guys! I deeply apologize that this is coming out late, I touched on this a little bit in my Eternity Girl Review, but I’ll mention it again here. I had a series of days where my mental health was a struggle and I was really having a hard time keeping on top of the things I normally do. It happens. I’m ok, so please don’t worry. But that doesn’t give me a pass to give up so here we are doing a better late than never weekly recap.

Sunday 3/11/18

We started the week of right with some rad art from Marley Zarcone!

And Sonny Liew made us jealous with his advance copies of Eternity Girl!

Monday 3/12/18

Lola reminded us that there is a rad sweepstakes going on by DC that you can enter in until 4/6/18

And Cecil reminded us about those epic Young Animal shirts, especially the one for Shade.

We also got this really cool animation from an Eternity Girl fan.

Tuesday 3/13/18

We got this amazing art from @nemoechelon in anticipation for Eternity Girl’s Wednesday release!

Wednesday 3/14/18

We got a pretty rad interview with Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew!

And Gerard made sure to broadcast the news that Eternity Girl was finally released!

ETERNITY GIRL!! OUT NOW! Going full steam ahead on Young Animal Wave 2, here comes a new original series by Magdalene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, Chris Chuckry, and Todd Klein. Young Animal projects are usually developed in-house, after going through old Who’s Whos and picking out some obscure characters and further developing them with creators, but Eternity Girl came in as a pitch that completely blew me away. To me, Eternity Girl, like the core YA books that came before it, represents the kind of comics I want Young Animal to be putting out. Weird, personal, at times abstract, a lot to discover, and absolutely different from anything else out there. Books like Eternity Girl that tackle issues like depression and alienation help define what Young Animal is, and what kind of stories we can tell that relate to the human condition. So please take a look at Issue 1 of this breakthrough new series created by some phenomenal talent. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Cover on the left by Sonny, variant cover on the right by Paulina Ganucheau. And a new editorial in the back written by me, with a Who’s Who file of Eternity Girl herself! #dcyounganimal #dccomics #eternitygirl

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And Lola made sure we didn’t miss it!

Meanwhile Mags Vissagio was filling us in that all the reviews coming in for Eternity were giving amazingly high scores!

and Sonny Liew gave us something more to celebrate by showing us some of his sketches.

And Nick Filardi was amazed by the new Cave Carson logo on the book out 3/21/18!

Thursday 3/15/18

We got yet another interview with Mags Visaggio and Sonny Liew!

And a little insight into what’s in store for Eternity Girl!

And we got this rad character design from Sonny Liew.

In all the excitement we were happy to take a moment out with Lindsey Way and appreciate her friend Ripple.

Friday 3/16/18

We feel like from now on all bad news should come with Danger Days references after we received this post from Gerard letting us know he was unable to officially work on music today because his friend and music engineer, Doug had the flu (but he still wrote a song on his phone he titled ‘Pick Up The Pants’ which we’re ready to hear right now!).

Bad news from The Zones, tumbleweeds— No recording today as my friend Doug is sick, and I don’t know how to use protools or even garage band or anything like that (I know, I should learn). When Doug isn’t helping me, I have to just record into my phone in the voice memos app, singing out the whole song and sometimes playing a guitar along with my vocals. If you ever see me walking around holding my phone near my face and you hear me making sounds with my mouth, that’s me writing a new song. I hope Doug feels better, as he’s got that gnarly flu going around. Which I hope none of you have, but feel better and get some rest if you do. For those of you that don’t know, Doug produced Hesitant Alien and engineered both BP and DD, and is a dear friend. Despite not being able to properly “record”, I  just wrote a song and recorded it into my phone, using the new guitars @Fender bestowed me with. The song is about picking up pants at the dry-cleaner and I’m pretty happy with it. I wrote Pick Up The Pants on the Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Custom (photo 1), which the amazing Michael Schulz brought me. I connected with this guitar right away, bright and springy and fun to play. The second photo is of the other guitar Michael brought me, which I haven’t gotten to dig into yet but I can’t wait to. It’s a Fender American Special Telecaster in Sherwood Green Metallic. Gorgeous guitar, very high-end feeling, classic Telecaster sound. Curious to see how it compares to my 60’s Telecaster Fender put out a few years ago. ⠀ ⠀ It’s actually really fun to share gear pics with you guys and I hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the instruments, amps, pedals, and other tools I use. I’m also planning on sharing a short video on here of me using those new Fender pedals I got, which I think you’ll dig. Hope you all have a great day or evening, and talk soon. Let’s make some stuff! ⠀ xog ⠀ #fender #fenderguitars #telecaster #pants #drycleaning

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We also got this little bit of insight into the upcoming issue of Cave Carson!

And we got a glimpse of the fantastic art by Marley Zarcone!

And this rad reminder that we are all Wonder Woman!

Saturday 3/17/18

Not much in the way of official news happened on Saturday. Our staff member, Becks, had a birthday and Lindsey explained why she picked up Ripple.

And that’s that! Another week down. Well be back sunday with another weekly recap to get this train back on track. Take care everyone! <3

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