Wow! With the LA Premiere and Umbrella Academy launching on Netflix and all the interviews we’ve got lots to discuss this week!

Sunday Feb 10th, 2019

There was just 5 days left until Umbrella Academy arrived on Netflix!

It was the night of the Grammy’s and we were supper excited to see Umbrella Academy get a prime time slot promoting the show!

Monday Feb 11th, 2019

Four days away from Umbrella Academy’s release!

Netflix set up a giant Umbrella in Bryant Park, NYC at night it projected slides from the cast onto the white dome of the Umbrella!

Gerard and the cast were asked what their theme song would be.

Tuesday Feb 12th, 2019

The LA Premiere with Gerard in attendance was this day and we were just three days away from Umbrella Academy on Netflix!

The Umbrella Academy hashtag changed on twitter to include an Umbrella at the end!

NXonNetflix gave us some lovely Valentine’s Day cards to use!

We found another pic from the writer’s cocktail party that Gerard attended.

Jon Rivera showed us the pretty rad concessions at the premiere!

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It’s happening! ☂️#umbrellaacademy

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Gerard Way arriving with the always captivating Lindsey Way!

And doing some press!

Gerard also stopped to pose with a couple other people as well!

As you can see Mikey Way and Ray Toro were also in attendance!

And also posed for this sweet pic with Jeremy Lambert and Jon Rivera

In fact lots of pics were taken!

We especially loved this one with Gabriel Ba!



Meanwhile Geek Girl Riot was getting amped for their one hour special featuring Gerard and the cast of Umbrella Academy!

Wednesday Feb 13th, 2019

Just two days away from the Umbrella Academy launch on Netflix!

Lola came on to express their excitement levels for the show’s arrival!

NME UK announced they’d be giving away free special edition Umbrella Academy magazines on Friday as well. Unfortunately you had to be in the UK to take part of this. Hopefully the interview with Gerard will surface online or we’ll be able to download digitally. I will let you know when I hear more!

My wonderful co-worker and best friend, Aliisa and I released a project we had been working on for Lola. With the excitement of Umbrella Academy coming out though we believe it got lost in the twittersphere. Maybe we’ll try to show it to them again when things slow down.

The posters for Umbrella Academy where everywhere! All of the world and on buses, billboards, bus stops, Times Square, the whole world was lit up with Umbrella Academy.

CBR put out a decent guide for people who are new to Umbrella Academy!

And we got this new sneak peak for the show!

For those that missed the intial interview podcast on Geek Girl Riot we were given a handy link so we could listen (again).

And the Umbrella Academy account was pumpin out Gerard Way realness.

Mikey Way also posted this lovely picture to Instagram with his pride for his big brother prominently showing.

Not long after Lindsey Way was sure to point out she’s married to a real life superhero (we agree)!

And to throw in some Electric Century vibes, David spoke up too!

Thursday Feb 14th, 2019

Just one day left until Umbrella Academy!

(Lola had said the show came out at Midnight and I foolishly believed that meant the show would come out like the songs usually do. I was wrong so we put out a retraction and everything was fine after that)

To make up for our little snafu we decided to start a mini giveaway!

And Lola came on to clarify the time zone.

After realizing we would now have to stay up til 3am to see Umbrella Academy we decided to take a nap.

Here you can see what the projections looked like on the huge Umbrella in Bryant Park NYC

Umbrella Academy had the best poem for us.

Friday Feb 15th, 2019

Umbrella Academy started us off with a countdown every minute closer to the premiere we got a new picture of each corresponding Umbrella Academy members.

Lola also showed up!

Finally the time came and a hush fell over the internet as everyone ran to watch the first episode of Umbrella Academy!

We think Lola cried with excitement.

And had this sweet thing to say…

I had been fighting sleep to stay up but once the first episode ended I couldn’t fall asleep because I needed episode 2.

I managed to make it almost all the way through episode 2 before falling asleep, only to wake up in the morning realize I had tweeted in my sleep about how good it is. #UnbrellaAcademh

Once we had slept we immediately jumped into watching the rest of Umbrella Academy….and Umbrella was there letting us know if we lived in NYC we could go to Bryant Park to get an Umbrella Academy coffee and donut!

And we got this new little featurette from Number 5.

We also got this new interview from Gerard!

In New York there was dancing in the streets!



And Gerard humbly posted to let us all know the show was officially streaming and that he hopes we enjoy it!

In all the excitement two lucky people got married in the middle of Bryant Park! Could you imagine having an  Umbrella Academy wedding? I’d die and haunt Klaus.

And as if we didn’t already have enough to watch Doom Patrol episode 1 came out on the same day!

But back to our main focus, Umbrella Academy also released this fun little snippet.

After binge watching the entire series in a single day I was absolutely riveted and thirsty for more.

Some of your friends with a keen eye pointed out the inscription on the back of Vanya’s book!

Even Hot Topic got in on the excitement!

Saturday Feb 16th, 2019

This was definitely me trying to stay up to watch haha

As people began to finish binge watching the series and were dying for a place to talk about it we decided to open a FUN Chat with spoilers, and due to demand, we also opened a spoiler free chat as well.

And because Hey! I already was running 1 big giveaway, 1 mini giveaway and 2 chats….why not start ANOTHER mini giveaway?

And we got yet another little snippet from Umbrella Academy!

In other news, our friend, Amy, who won our Holiday Giveaway showed us her autographed selfie that she had gotten professionally framed.

The best reminders from the best character (imo)!

Our favorite moment of the day was this tweet though!

And there you have it! Everything that happened last week. You may have noticed some of these tweets are out of order, we did that so they could be in order as they happened, not how they were posted. We hope you had a fantastic week and are enjoying watching Umbrella Academy (which is listed as the #2 most popular tv show on IMDB right now)!

Don’t forget you have until Saturday to enter in our big giveaway which is still happening now!

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