Are we really already done with the second week of January already? Time goes by so quick! Here’s everything you may have missed while you were busy working on those New Year Resolutions.

Sunday Jan 6th, 2019

While Gerard didn’t win an award and his character played a small part, we were super thrilled that SpiderVerse, a movie with Gerard’s character Peni Parker, won a Golden Globe.

Monday Jan 7th, 2019

Halsey is considering Gerard Way red hair! She put it to a vote that we don’t believe had accurate results and we demand a recount.

We also got a new teaser from Umbrella Academy!

And Lola made sure we didn’t miss this interview!

Tuesday Jan 8th, 2019

We ran a small giveaway for the person who had the funniest predictive text response to “I love Gerard Way because”. Even though the giveaway has ended, if you have some time to kill and you want a good laugh I highly suggest checking out the responses in the thread below.

And we were thrilled to get this upclose peek at Pogo from Umbrella Academy!

Wednesday Jan 9th, 2019

This day saw the release of Shade The Changing Woman in trade paperback!

We were also happy to see that Lola came online to say hi.

and send us some much needed love.

And the recipient of our Holiday Giveaway received her items!

Thursday Jan 10th, 2019

We got another sneak peek at Diego from Umbrella Academy!

And Lola pondered the important questions (or should we say filled us in on some life hacks).

Friday Jan 11th, 2019

Klaus swung by to haunt us.

Shipments started arriving for the Metaphysical issue that includes art from Lindsey Way!

And we found this rad new pic with Gerard and Jim Krueger!

Saturday Jan 12th, 2019

This was an exciting day!

Not only did we get a new teaser from Umbrella Academy!

But we also got to see a commercial for Umbrella Academy during play off football!

But that wasn’t all! We also got this post from Aidan where he showed us a glimpse of all the characters from when they were young.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks weekly recap and see you soon!




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