HEY! Hope you’re all having a great start to your 2019 and are ready to dive into the first weekly recap of the year! We had a lot of cool stuff happen this week from “Best of” lists to award nominations to interviews. Read on so you don’t miss anything!

Sunday Dec 23rd, 2018

Lindsey Way unknowingly starts plans for restaurant.

And while it actually was posted on the 29th we spotted it on the 30th that Eternity Girl was listed as one of Paste Magazine’s best 50 covers!

And this silly post went viral enough to be featured in one of twitter’s moments.

We also learned that once upon a time there was a Kerrang Radio coffee cup that Gerard drank out of that was then auctioned off! There may actually be someone out there to this day that licks a dirty coffee cup every morning…

Monday Dec 31st, 2018

It was New Years Eve and the fandom was filled with excitement as Danger Days is set in 2019 so they set up a hashtag to *eh hem* Make Some Noise.

But the best thing came from Lola! They let us know Gerard had posted a very long blog post on his website that gave us an entire recap of his year!

We were thrilled to get a new pic of Gerard

And here that he was doing better and making progress!

Gerard also mentioned playing games with Mikey and Jeremy Lambert in his post, so it was pretty rad when Mikey posted about it too!

Tuesday Jan 1st, 2019

The first post of the year that we felt was worth celebrating was this great shot of Mikey Way with his family.

While Umbrella Academy decided to be emo with Vanya….

And Dark Horse took a more positive approach!

Meanwhile Lindsey contemplated needing a cheese maker if she Jeremy and Jon were going to start a restaurant haha

And the 2018 lists came pouring out and we were able to find some pretty neat mentions (as if we didn’t expect to)!

As the day progressed Lindsey found her cheese maker….

Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2019

This was a glorious day because it was the day issue #4 of Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion was released!

And we ran to the store to pick it up!

We can relate to Dark Horse’s mention of that heart-to-heart between Vanya and Mother because OMG it’s mind bending.

Umbrella Academy also gave us another glimpse a formidable foe.

And we got to make someone very happy by giving away our Holiday Giveaway!

Thursday Jan 3rd, 2019

Lola came on to give us their opinion of Bird Box

And give us well wishes for the new year!

Mike Oeming shared with us this color concept for a cover of Cave Carson!

And Nick Derington let us know just how much he loves his job!

Friday Jan 4th, 2019

Our friend Miz Erie brought it to our attention that there was a new interview posted with Gerard by Den of Geek!

And almost immediately after our friend Amy let us know about this awesome video interview Gerard did with Collider!

We also found out that Umbrella Academy is nominated for a DIAMOND GEM Award for Best Comic of the Year!

Saturday Jan 5th, 2019

We got another sneak peak into the Umbrella Academy Netflix Series from the Umbrella Academy account.

And Jon Rivera warned a fan that Cave Carson gets “weird” in Vol. 2!

That’s it you guys! You’re all caught up for another week. Hope you enjoyed and see you on FUN twitter until next time!

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