Leading up to the signing I thought it would be much like other signings that I had been to and expected 500-1000 people to show up at the most. Turns out I was wrong and the line for this signing was so long by the time we showed up at 9am that it was looping all through Third Eye’s parking lot and flowed on down the street.

Luckily, my friend and I had VIP passes so we still went to the front of the line and were guaranteed entry! (phew!) We were told by event staff that over 1500 people showed up and I have to believe that since once my friend and I went in to meet Gerard we stayed to hand out business cards and stickers for GWayFUN.com. I had brought 700 business cards and 1500 stickers and we ran out of business cards before we could get through the line.

Once inside the store we were really impressed with how big it was. I’d never seen such a big comic shop before so I was really thrilled to look around. I was allowed to take pictures of Gerard for a few minutes so I got busy doing that and then joined my friend back in the line.

When we got up to Steve and Gerard they were both incredibly nice. Steve seemed to be quiet and maybe just a little overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, but was extremely kind and sweet to sign all of our issues of Milk Wars. Gerard, a veteran at these things by now, was his normal happy upbeat self. If he was overwhelmed by the turn out you wouldn’t have noticed.

I’ve met Gerard quite a few times and he’s always so nice to me. It had been over a year since the last time we had been face to face and I thought for sure he would have forgotten me by then, but he hadn’t. And made that clear by telling me it was great seeing me again. When I gave him the stickers and business cards for the site his reaction was an immediate “I love these.”

And he so very kindly signed two things personalized to me…

One thing personalized for each of the three girls who help me run FUN- Eva, Aliisa and Rina….


And seven things for the site for upcoming giveaways…

I had some art from my friend Aliisa to give to him and he had liked some of her art on Instagram the week before. I told him that he had made her so happy liking her art and he told me that he was going to start searching the #DCYoungAnimal hashtag on a more regular basis because he loves the art he sees under the tag by everyone.

We were so grateful to him and Steve for being so kind and generous with their time and in being willing to sign additional things for us to giveaway to all you wonderful people.

We were equally grateful to the staff at Third Eye Comics. I’ve been to many signings for G but none so organized and laid back. Most events have security strong arming and barking orders at you as you stand in line, but Third Eye had giveaways and did fun things to entertain the people waiting in line. It was an incredibly laid back and easy going atmosphere and everyone was incredibly nice. Job very very very well done. I’d come back for a Third Eye event in a second!

Below are the pictures we took from the signing. Enjoy!



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