The wrap party might have happened last weekend, but as of today it is official that it is finally a wrap.


We first got news that we were getting close to an end via Steve Blackman who posted this photo of the wrap party on Nov. 17th

However, our friends over at The Sheehab (if you love Rob Sheehan, you’ll love them!) told us that wrap parties often happen before filming is finished so we kept looking.

Sure enough, Umbrella Acad posted the cast still on set receiving their Funkos!

And of course we got little hints like this one from Justin Min that we now understand.

The first news we got that filming had officially ended came from set decorator, Jim Lambie (imagine me being mind blown to realize that was a curtain in that photo).

But over the course of the day we heard from several others as well.

Congrats to all! We want to thank every member of cast and crew…and of course the writers (:D) for putting so much hard work and effort into making this a reality. We can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2!

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