It was announced on Dec 14th, 2017 through paste magazine that the core books from DC’s Young Animal will return but three will have redesigns and new names for the new year.

As Gerard put it while talking to paste:

Way summarized the reintroductions: “Young Animal is back to bringing the weird, with all your favorite characters going in drastically new directions not even they could expect. Find out what these characters are up to now, and how they’ve hit their next level of evolution. Catch up with Cave and Team Carson as they fly out of the earth and into outer space, follow Mother Panic while she discovers a Gotham City without Batman, and meet Shade’s new body! Plus the introduction of our newest character and title: Eternity Girl!”

The books will undergo name changes to go along with the redesign that will take place after the crossover event “Milk Wars” that’s slated to start in January. To get more details Paste spoke to the writers of Shade, Cave and Mother Panic. For the full interviews please check out their article by clicking here.

Shade The Changing Girl will now be known as Shade The Changing Woman. It will follow the life of Shade as she finds herself grown and unable to go back to who she was and must continue to learn and move forward as who she is. As Cecil Castellucci told paste:

It’s true that she does have her own body and identity now. She can’t go back to who she was, she must become who she is. That’s definitely a part of being in your early adult life. You go out there, you make a lot of boneheaded mistakes. You still haven’t mastered your wisdom. You put away your childish things and you change. I find it funny that you say that she’s found peace. I think of it more as she’s found a bigger understanding about self and about how you gotta live it or lose it. If you look at the end of the last series, there are a lot of crumbs that I left there to follow. I can say that I will be picking up that trail and following it to its conclusion. I hope you’ll be delighted and have a few Oh! and Aha! moments when you read the new arc.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye will become Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye and will find Cave and Chloe facing new challenges as they go spelunking into a black hole. Here is some of what Jon Rivera told Paste about what we can expect:

In the last series, Cave discovered the “Reality Shards”, which could transport him to different time periods and realities on Earth, but it’s still Earth. This time around, Cave and Chloe are being accidentally thrust into the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. For an expert geologist like Cave, our universe is a playground. There’s a new sense of wonder in Cave’s heart, and it’s incredibly exciting to explore. It’s the open, untamed, nature of the cosmos which excites me. The sense of exploration has seeped into other facets of the book as well—we’re being much more experimental this time around.

Mother Panic’s new name will be “Mother Panic: Gotham A.D.” and will jump 10 years into a future that is unlike anything she is used to. In this future Gala will reign and Batman will have disappeared. Without her mother or any of the people that served as her support system, and helped shape her world view, Mother Panic must face her biggest challenge yet as she’s forced to adapt to a new world that has the deck stacked heavily against her. Will she give up? Will she take the easy way out and give into the darkness within her? Or will she continue her path of self discovery and become more like the caped crusader himself in his absence?

Here’s some of what writer, Jody Houser, had to say to paste magazine about the redesign:

The A.D. is more meant to evoke the feel of a different Gotham. The time and place that Mother Panic ends up in after the events of Milk Wars (the Young Animal crossover event that kicks off the second year of the books) isn’t the same Gotham that she left. So she has to deal with being in a strange version of the city she knew, with none of the resources she’s used to having. And yeah, she’s pretty pissed off about it.

To help add to that feel of a different Gotham, Mother Panic will be bringing in fresh art from Ibrahim Moustafa. We’re excited to see what Ibrahim brings to Mother Panic, and as she told paste, so is Jody Houser:

I love Ibrahim’s take on Mother Panic and the new Gotham… His art definitely has the stylized realism feel we were looking for in this arc, and it works well with the noir feel the book has had before. At the same time, his work feels like the start of a brand-new chapter to Violet’s story and a great introduction to this new flavor of Gotham City.

Shade, Cave and Mother Panic will return in March (after the cross over event that will run from January to February) along side a new 6 part mini-series titled, Eternity Girl.

What do you think of the changes for our favorite comic book characters? Which book are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to read the rest of the article and interviews on!

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