It’s impossible to give you the lyrics to this track because he changed it up slightly every time he performed it. But here’s one version:

Who am I?
To walk in
I could’ve been
And I could’ve stayed
Where am I?
After all these years
How could you die
And why did I stay
After it all
Where would I’ve been
Holding your hand (x2)
In the ambulance (x2)
Ahh ahh (x2)
Through dark times
In the pouring rain
Where could I find
Find you my friend
If we run out through the night
Maybe we’ll meet but maybe we won’t…

Let you in
I wanna know
Where have I been
I’ve been here..
In the ambulance..
Holding your hand (x2)
Where am I?
In the ambulance..
Holding your hand (x2)
And holding your breath..

Please be advised this song is fan translated from a live performance and does have some incorrect and missing lyrics. If you can help make the lyrics complete let us know in the comments below!

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