On Nov 15th we got a cryptic message from Lola telling us to be excited for something coming the next day….

We didn’t have to wait long since at the time of Lola’s post it was already hitting midnight in some countries and people were beginning to post about getting it. A quick google search was able to turn up proof that a new song called Getting Down the Germs was on it’s way!

And just like that we knew it was time to put on the coffee…

Once it hit midnight on the US east coast we were delighted to find out that we also were getting yet another lyric video. This time with puppet germs! We couldn’t have been more thrilled!

The next day we got a couple of surprises. The first being that we learned Lindsey did the cover art for Getting Down The Germs!

The second being an awesome interview with Gerard were he filled us in that he plans to TRY to go forward putting out a song a month!

Gerard also took to Instagram to give us some info about the song as well and fill us in on that awesome flute solo.

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Getting Down The Germs ⠀ Hey all, I released a new song today called Getting Down The Germs. It’s about a few different things. Grey lights, squirmy worming wiggly worms. Germs. It has flute. I love the flute. I have always wanted a song with flute in it. And so this exists. ⠀ With these songs I’m releasing, I’m trying to see how many months I can go with putting one out, but there might be skip months if we miss deadlines, I dunno, I just want to keep going. The idea behind all of these songs is to not overthink it. Just go with the first instincts, lead with the art. Keeping a steady flow of creativity going, so you’ll hear more experiments. This one is a bit different than anything I’ve done so I was really looking forward to getting it out. I really want to share. ⠀ I wrote this song on guitar. I played a Fender Telecaster Deluxe. It was springy. It was a good friend. It has a ghost sticker on it now. I laid down the vocals and guitar with Doug McKean at our studio, Milk Friends. Then my good buddy Ray Toro came over to hang out and jam and laid down some sweet bass and drums. Then, our new friend Sara Andon came in and absolutely shredded it on the flute. And last but not least, my lovely and talented wife, Lindsey Way, made some amazing art for it. I hope you dig it. Crank up that flute! #gettingdownthegerms #flute

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Claire Vogel who did the amazing lyric video for this song also posted on instagram letting us know some behind the scenes info on the puppet germs and bringing them to life in the video.

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Ever since discovering @bobbakermarionettes I’ve wanted to try my hand at puppetry & marionette making. Some friends recently took me to the Jim Henson exhibit in Brooklyn and it firmly reminded of that desire. It also showed me how imaginative you can be without having a ton of resources. Almost anything can become something else with a little creativity! I bought a puppetry book for fun from my favorite vintage book seller (because obviously I would) and a few days later it arrived…and a few days after that I had the opportunity to make a music video for @gerardway. The fortuitous timing told me that this was my chance to give this thing a try. So here is our gang of fuzzy germ puppets. I love them all and their little personalities. It was a process with some learning curves, but it was so delightful to see these little fuzzballs come to life. ?link in the place! #gettingdownthegerms ??

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Gerard also got in on explaining the lyric video and thanking those involved with it’s creation for a job well done.

And since there was a lot of detail that went into this video it makes sense that Claire would return to instagram to give some last final details about the video. She really got into details this time around and we were thrilled to learn just how much work went into the making of this video and how talented the team is that pulled it off.

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Wanted to share some last tidbits about making the video for @gerardway “Getting Down The Germs.” It was my first time making fabric puppets and first time self constructing a set as big as this, so it involved some trial and error. Some of the lovely people I’ve been introduced to in NY were thankfully there to make it possible with me. Especially @carmenemmi who spent hours helping conceive the making of a 3-foot wide, plush Petri dish that 8 germ puppets could appear, dance wildly and disappear in. All without a studio, any real tools or a car… As I always say / tell myself when I’m crying in a pile on the floor: limitations breed creativity! After scouring the basements of every odd fabric store in the fashion district, @_irrevery_ and I found the perfect fuzzy skins of the germs. I had a very specific palate in mind: a mix of handmade 70s and a splash of disgusting. The set itself was the most challenging aspect. I had used a similar trick when creating a screaming mouth of pudding for a recent Hobo Johnson video, but this idea involved a lot more math and engineering to support everything that was happening inside the dish. What we came up with was a 6x4x.5 flat of wood that a man in New Jersey cut a hole in, plastic sheeting, insulation noodles, a saw horse, green seamless paper, doll stuffing, gaff tape, safety pins, scissors, a glue gun and an office stapler. We cut and taped the foam noodles into circles slightly wider than the diameter of the cut hole, layered plastic sheeting and stuffing between the 2nd & 3rd level of noodles, added mold-like fabric over the top of it all, placed our puppets and then cut holes for the puppeteers to operate through. Wasn’t always clean, easy or perfect, but it worked out beautifully for our little project. Thank you to the lovely germ team for making this all possible: @carmenemmi @_irrevery_ Marki Yaccino, @brantweil @aaronhymes and @devinsarno. And last but not least @gerardway for providing the open mind, good vibes and sweet tunes. ??? #gettingdownthegerms #gerardway #spaghettiarms

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And if that wasn’t enough we just recently learned that there is new Getting Down the Germs merch available for pre-order at the G store.

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