Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Ty Templeton
Colorist: Keiren Smith
Letters: John Workman
Cover: Frank Quietly
Editor: Molly Mahan
Crossover “shepherded” (haha) by Gerard Way and Steve Orlando
Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger
Mother Panic created by Jody Houser, Tommy Lee Edwards and Gerard Way

This review contains no spoilers, but if you have read this issue and would like to read our review that talks about this issue more in-depth, please check out our full review here.


If you’ve never read Mother Panic before and you’ve been wondering when would be a good place to jump in, the answer is right here. This issue is so brilliantly done that you could easily pick it up from here and know everything there is to know about her (but you’d be missing out on some great stories so once you’re as hooked as I am, be sure to go back and read the last 4 story arcs).

Just like in the JLA/Doom Patrol issue Mother Panic & Batman find themselves faced with a milky dilemma to solve. And it’s done in a comical yet touching way that really finds you focusing on the feel-good empowerment vibes that you’ll get from reading this issue.

The two vigilantes must face their pasts and possibly be destroyed by them if they cannot find a way to break the spell the milk is holding over them. I really enjoyed how this was done because it made me ask the question to myself. What would I do if I could erase my past and have a whole new set of memories? Would I be different? Would I have a happier life? I think we’ve all asked ourselves that question at some point, but I love how Mother Panic & Batman deal with it.

And while I promised no spoilers, you can easily tell from the cover that Batman is affected by the Milk and it’s he who needs saving this time. In previous issues of Mother Panic, Batman is often the one to step in and help her out, so it was a nice switch, but that’s not to say Mother Panic doesn’t have her own troubles with the milk as well, because it definitely leaves some lasting effects on her too. And the predicaments they find themselves in will leave you laughing.

The writing in this issue is just absolutely incredible. Mother Panic (and I’m sure Batman too) is a very serious, dark book, but this Milk Wars issue had a sense of humor to it that I really enjoyed. It was nice seeing Jody using a different writing style than I’m used to, and it just goes to show how great she is as a writer. And I sincerely loved the touching moments that were scattered throughout this issue- especially the scenes between Violet and her mom, Rebecca.

The art and colors didn’t really fall in line with the typical art we’d see in a Mother Panic book either. I’m not sure what I feel seeing Mother Panic look almost cartoonish in her costume, but I do think the artist is very talented and did the job well, I just may be a little spoiled from having fallen in love with Tommy Lee Edwards work with Mother Panic who gave her more of an average build and paid close attention to the finest of details to make her as realistic as possible. That said, I did enjoy the art and colors here. Where this had more lighthearted writing moments the art did work with that because it felt like a more lighthearted style of art which did set the tone for this issue to not take itself as seriously as Mother Panic usually does, so if that is what they were going for they definitely achieved it- but I enjoy Mother Panic being dark and detailed.

Overall this was an incredibly fun read and I have zero complaints. Time & money well spent.

Rating: 10/10

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