Writers – Steve Orlando and Gerard Way
Artist (main story) – Dale Eaglesham
Artist (epilogue) – Nick Derington
Colorists – Tamra Bonvillain and Marissa Louise
Letters – Clem Robins
Cover – Clay Mann and Marissa Louise
Editors – Jamie S. Rich and Molly Mahan


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It’s hard to find something to say about this one that doesn’t contain some sort of spoiler, but I’m gonna try!

I will say to understand what’s going on in this issue, you absolutely have to have read at least the first Doom Patrol/JLA crossover. This issue hits fast and doesn’t slow down all the way to the end.

Our team of heroes which consist of JLA, Wonder Woman, Batman and everyone from Young Animal (Shade, Cave, Mother Panic) all come together to put a stop to Retconn and their evil plans to homogenize Earth Prime and make all the stories comply and be wholesome- or to put it better, make everyone the same.

There’s humor, fighting, so very much heart, and we get a rare chance to see some of our favorite Young Animal characters team up with some of DC’s biggest names. What more could you want?

The best part about it is that at the end of this wild ride the thing I felt the most was inspired. What I got out of this issue wasn’t just a set up for the new Young Animal rebooted titles, but a message to be yourself, be weird, be different, don’t listen to what the world tries to make you be, find humor even in the darkest places and whenever possible choose love- even if it hurts.

Beautiful job well done by all who worked on this issue. The art, the colors, the writing, absolutely all of it is on point and does a great job allowing the reader to keep up with a lot going on. I definitely recommend picking this up because it’s just absolutely incredible.

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