Mikey Way may be Gerard’s little brother, but what really stands out about Mikey Way is his strength.

It’s been no secret that this man has taken the blow hardest every time something has happened. He’s been considered scandalous, he’s struggled with addiction and remember that time everyone (wrongfully) blamed him for breaking up MCR? Yeah, he’s had his share of ups and downs, but what’s amazing about him is he how he has used consistently taking everything world had to throw at him, accepted his own weaknesses and found a way to reinvent himself every time into a much stronger person.

Mikey Way is now so sober he doesn’t even smoke cigarettes! He has a beautiful wife Kristin, and the most adorable little girl, Rowan. And if being a family man wasn’t enough for him he has hinted at writing a comic on twitter and he also has his band, Electric Century, to keep him busy.

We are so proud of Mikey and all that he’s managed to accomplish in the past few years. It’s nice to see him strong, healthy and happy.

Be sure to check out his band website: www.ElectricCentury.com

And here are some other ways you can keep up to date with Mikey:

Electric Century Twitter
Snapchat: mwheezie



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