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    Eco-friendly or green insulation supplies a lower probability of the release of pollutants in the home or office because eco-friendly or green insulation is made of natural fibers. This means you is going to be breathing cleaner air always. Below are different green insulation products for your house or office.

    Cotton fiber which has been recycled has changed into a very popular green insulation material among green builders. It includes a batted material, often denim, that is treated with the chemical "borate" to make it fire and heat-retardant also to prevent it from developing mold. Borate is often a material made from or that contains a type of Boron, which is often a natural element which is mined in the earth.

    Cellulose Insulation is among the greenest products on the globe and great for home insulation. It is made out of recycled, finely-shredded newsprint and also other paper sources, paper that might otherwise finish up in landfills. It contains 85 percent recycled content. It is chemically treated to reduce mold and promote fire resistance and its particular use is said to reduce heating and air conditioning bills by approximately twenty percent annually.

    Fiberglass is another green insulation product. Although fiberglass of yesteryear was not really toxic to the environment, today’s fiberglass insulation manufacturers are now making more and utilization of recycled materials within their products. In
    Compostable packaging , well-known insulation companies are striving to get their products certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for low emissions of formaldehyde along with other pollutants. Some larger companies even have "green building" departments which are concerned specifically with supplying eco-friendly products to those who want them.

    Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is really a green insulation product that is certainly easy to setup. This foam does not emit off any harmful gasses. It is often a water-based spray "icynene" that’s believed to create a "tight" home that permits little space for mold or dust, rendering it very desirable for families with allergies. contact us is icynene can only be installed by certified professionals, so that it is higher priced than other forms of non-toxic insulation. However, manufacturers claim it cuts energy costs by about 35 percent annually. Biodegradable Cups might be worthwhile.

    Using these natural fibers also provides another advantage. Less waste goes towards the landfills. In turn, further reducing the impact of buildings on the environment.


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