On April 9th, 2002 Mikey and Gerard sat down with Snagglezine (a fanzine from New Jersey Eyeball Records interns, Kim and Chris).

Mikey: I’m Michael Way, I play the bass guitar.
Gerard: I’m Gerard Way, I’m the singer.

Kim: You’re biggest influences? 
Gerard: Iron Maiden.
Mikey: The Smiths.
Gerard: At the Gates, Brit pop, Blur, Morrisey, shit like that. Like metal, like melodic metal. We’re all about it, like Helloween, big influences.
Mikey: Oh yeah. Keeper of the Seven Keys.
Gerard: You can’t hear any of our influences in our music though but it’s there.
Mikey: It’s subconsciously in the music, but nobody else can pick it up unless you’re looking for it, you can’t really pick on what’s there.

Kim: We hear that you just signed to Eyeball (Records). How’s it feel to be signed to such a great label? 
Gerard: We’re fucking really excited.
Mikey: It’s so excellent.
Gerard: I’ve know Alex for a while, I probably shouldn’t say that, Alex is fucking great.
Mikey: …and an amazing human being. We’ve known him and he took care of fucking Thursday and we were psyched about that, but not only that, we were really psyched to be with Pencey Prep because those kids fuckin helped us out right from the start. They gave us their tour van when we needed it, they gave us their fuckin tour van! Hambone gave us the tour van and fuckin cause they’re getting a new one and they gave us a spot in their practice studio that we share with them, so we share a practice studio with them.

Chris: Yeah Alex got us our first interview, Thursday. 
Mikey: Yeah I remember, I was right there. No, but it’s great cause it’s like a family, we all hang out all the time, it’s amazing.
Gerard: We can’t hang out with Thursday as much as we’d like to cause they’re always on tour which is gonna happen to all our bands now.

Kim: Favorite bands to play with and favorite venue? 
Gerard: Pencey (Prep).
Mikey: So far it’s just Pencey (Prep) but the Loop (Lounge) was hot.
Gerard: But the Loop, even though they don’t let kids in which sucks, I don’t like that 21 and over stuff, but it had great sound.
Mikey: Yeah, there’s like a professional sound guy.
Gerard: But this place (Garfield American Legion) had great sound.

Chris: CBGB’S had good sound for Thursday. 
Mikey: Oh the Piebald one?
Chris: Yeah.
Gerard: Oh I want to play there.
Chris: It’s good.
Mikey: So far we only played about 5 shows, out of 5 shows, the Loop was the best.
Gerard: And we got an encore there.
Mikey: Yeah people were calling for an encore.

Kim: That’s awesome, we’ve never been there. Have you guys played in any bands before? 
Gerard: Me and Mikey had this band called Raygun Jones and we were like, you know, really young and he was the bass player back then too. We had a female bass player and she just dropped out so we just put a bass on Mikey pretty much the same way we did this time. We put a bass on him and said play. We trained him.
Mikey: Yeah exactly. It’s like I normally play guitar but like my brother came up to me with the material and I was just so blown away that I had to join. I was like, “I don’t care what I play” and “I have to be in this somehow”.
Gerard: He really filled out our band. We had a good vibe going anyway but then when he was in it, it clicked. And that’s why, the way you saw us play out there today, we weren’t playing like that until Mikey was playing tight with us and joining.

Kim: How long have you guys been established and what was your reason for starting a band? 
Gerard: The band, uh, me and Otter really got together in November, I believe, and the real reason we established it was because it has a lot to do with the September 11th attack. I was on my way to get ready for a Cartoon Network meeting because I do cartoons and stuff and he had that option. We saw the plane hit right from the train and when we got there we were all just standing on the pier in Hoboken like right on the edge. There’s like 300 people that were friend and family and we all saw it go down. That’s when I realized that doing this cartoon was bullshit, I love to draw and make art but it was so commercial, it was just that I felt like having meetings with people in suits, it just made me realize what the hell I’m doing with my life. That’s what our 1st song that we always open with “Skylines and Turnstyles” is about. It’s about the Trade Center.

Chris: Although I’m a big fan of the Cartoon Network and like 3 in the afternoon in your pajamas… 
Gerard: Yeah but dealing with them is not fun. That actually got it and everyone like came together through the music. It’s like therapy.

Kim: How did you get the name and does it imply that you guys are quite the partiers? 
Mikey & Gerard: Hahaha Oh!!!
Gerard: We used to call Mike “Mikey Party” but now he’s “Mikey Romance”.
Kim: That’s how we met you!
Mikey: Yeah it was at a party.
Gerard: It’s like 11 different meanings for the band. You can take them anywhere. On a personal level, for me, it’s about anti-depressants. I was like so depressed about a year ago and I just wanted to cut my fuckin face off. It’s also like a reference to Irvine Welsh and his books.
Mikey: All his books are like classified as Chemical Romances. It’s like love stories where there’s like drugs involved.

Chris: Yeah, I went to google to see if you guys had a site and all his stuff came up. 
Mikey: Yup yup, Irvine Welsh. Now there’s only 2 people so far that picked up on that. Two people were like “Whoa, you mean like Irvine Welsh?”. But it’s a personal level, like we took the name and we brought it to a personal level.
Gerard: Yeah it really means for me anti-depressants. Like we drink beer and shit…
Mikey: We like to party.
Kim & Chris: Hell yeah. 
Gerard: We drink and party, we rock and roll man.

Kim: Yeah, the most “un-edge” name, right? 
Gerard: We don’t like do drugs though.
Chris: You’re not my friend then. (haha, he’s kidding). 
Mikey: Yeah we don’t need drugs to have a good time.

 **Gerard announces slumber party and that guitar player takes guitar to a whole new level because he has a gash and is bleeding**

Kim: One more serious one, what do you guys think of the sudden outburst of bands on indie labels such as Thursday, Phantom Planet, Hot Water Music, and Rival Schools being played on MTV2 and MTVX? 
Gerard: I think, I always thought this because I’ve been an artist with comics from that whole scene too. Anything from the underground eventually makes its way up. It’s like something underground, it’s new and fresh and it’s eventually gonna make its way up to the tv. It’s bound to happen, it happens with everything. Nirvana is the best example of it and I think that’s what’s gonna happen with Jersey and I think it’s gonna be great.
Mikey: I think it’s like survival of the fittest cause like whoever’s doing it for the right reasons is gonna survive and whoever’s doing it for the wrong reasons is gonna get chopped and fried and we all know who’s doing it for the right reasons.

Chris: Yeah we know. Do you guys like Dragon Tales? 
Gerard: We’re Lord of the Rings fans.
Mikey: No, he’s talking about the cartoon.
Chris: …on PBS. 
Gerard: The only exposure I have with Dragon Tales is that little kids come in and ask for the cd @ B & N.

Chris: Best Valentine’s gift you ever got? 
Gerard: I’m about to get one right now but I haven’t seen it yet. Shit. I haven’t really gotten any. I got roses, I love roses so a girl got me roses. That was pretty cool.
Mikey: You know what, I can’t even remember getting one because there hasn’t been a powerful female outlet in my life to give me a Valentine’s day gift. So there’s no Valentine’s day gift I can remember.

Chris: No little candy hearts from grandma or mom or anything like I usually get? 
Mikey: No way!
Kim: You got frogs this year. 
Mikey: You’re lucky dude.

Chris: Yeah I got frogs from her. Disney character that most represents you? 
Mikey: Donald Duck.
Gerard: Yeah Mike dressed up like Donald Duck in 2nd grade.
Mikey: It was a fuckin rad costume, my grandma made it.
Gerard: It was fuckin hot and then the next year he dressed up as a stay puff marshmallow.
Mikey: And it was also really hot.
Gerard: Mr. Toad.

Chris: Would you guys ever cover “The Lady Is A Tramp” by Frank Sinatra? 
Mikey: It could be done.
Gerard: Could we do that?
Mikey: It could totally be done.
Gerard: Yeah I could see us doing that.
Mikey: Cause Frankie’s awesome.
Gerard: What about doing a Dean Martin or a Sammy?
Mikey: Those guys knew how to party man.
Chris: The Rat Pack. 
Gerard: The Sans Crew. Vegas man. We want to bring Hambone with us cause he always wins on slots.
Mikey: He’s the King of Slots.

Thanks to Mike and Gerard, we love you guys, you rock!

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