Umbrella Academy is one of those comics that just feels like it needs no introduction. It’s Eisner award winning team did an excellent job making this book stand on it’s own.

If you’re new to comics we’d definitely recommend giving Umbrella Academy a read. It’s self-contained and the story is easy to follow along once you understand the basic premise, which is, all across the world 47 children were born to women who had shown no signs of ever being pregnant. Sir Reginald Hargreeves makes it his mission to find all 47 children but is only able to find 7. He adopts the 7 children forming ‘a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers.’

The first series, Apocalypse Suite shows our favorite dysfunctional family reuniting after the sudden death of Hargreeves- but this isn’t a normal family reunion. You’ll watch as the family tries to come together and falls a part only to come together again…all while flashing back to the time they all saved the world when the Eiffel Tower went berserk.

What happens when a heart takes all it can take and goes beyond breaking? Can a hero be turned villain? Can a villain be saved? Can a family forgive villainy? You’ll have to read Apocalypse Suite to find out.

To avoid spoilers for those of you have yet to read Apocalypse Suite all we’ll say about Dallas is just this: Missing powers, misguided powers, time travel gone wrong, and the assassination of JFK. So basically, we’re saying it’s freaking awesome and if you haven’t read it yet, you better get on it!

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Gerard has said he is currently finished up to issue 3 on the third installment of Umbrella Academy, Hotel Oblivion, and expects it to be released sometime in 2018.

And if that’s not enough to celebrate, it was announced just before SDCC this year that Umbrella Academy will be coming to Netflix as a TV show in 2018 as well! Definitely keep an eye here and TUATVShow on twitter for future updates!



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