Gerard Way is an American singer, songwriter, writer and artist. He is currently working on his DC Young Animal imprint writing Doom Patrol, collaborating on the story for Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye with Jon Rivera, and is acting curator for Shade The Changing Girl, Mother Panic and the 6 issue mini-series, Bug! The Adventures of Forager.

Gerard is also working on several other projects as well, including Series 3 of the critically acclaimed Umbrella Academy titled Hotel Oblivion which is currently at issue #3 of 6 in terms of completion and is expected to launch roughly around 2018. It’s possible Hotel Oblivion’s release may coincide with the Umbrella Academy TV Show for Netflix that Gerard is also involved with.

It was also released recently that Gerard is working with Imagine Dragons to curate a 100 band music conference in Las Vegas it was initally set for November of 2017 but has since been moved to April of 2018. We look forward to sharing more information on this as it comes available.

And in addition to his award winning work as a writer and curator Gerard is also a singer/songwriter. As a solo artist he released an album titled ‘Hesitant Alien’ in 2014. He is also the former frontman of the wildly successful band, My Chemical Romance and has collaborated on several pieces for film and with other musicians. Gerard has most recently worked with Ray Toro  to release the Record Store Day Release vinyl of Into the Cave We Wander (A song inspired by Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye).

Gerard has stated he is currently working on new music as well at the present time which we will look forward to reporting on when more news comes to life.

For more information check out our Extensive Bio (It’s long, but it’s all done in quotes from G!)



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