Gerard Way is an American singer, songwriter, writer and artist. He is currently working on his DC Young Animal imprint writing Doom Patrol: Weight of The Worlds, with the last issue of this story arc ending in December, he is also curator for Mikey Way’s Collapser and a newly released title, Far Sector. He also just recently shocked the world by announcing he will be rejoining My Chemical Romance. So far only 5 shows have been released, but we are looking forward to more information and will be sure to bring it to you as it evolves.

Gerard is also working on several other projects as well, including Volume 4 of the critically acclaimed Umbrella Academy which he stated in Nov 2019 that he has just started issue #1, while the previous, and long awaited, Vol 3: Hotel Oblivion was just released in graphic Novel form in Sept 2019!

And if that wasn’t enough Umbrella Academy for you, be sure to check out the show on Netflix where Gerard is billed as a co-executive producer. Season 1 is currently streaming while Season 2 just finished filming!

In addition to being a member of MCR and his award winning work as a writer and curator, Gerard has also had a success as a solo artist. As a solo artist he released an album titled ‘Hesitant Alien’ in 2014. He has also released a few songs on their own over the years, has done a couple songs for the Umbrella Academy show and has collaborated on several pieces for film and with other musicians. Gerard’s most recently released music can be found in the Umbrella Academy tv show!

If that’s not enough he is also said to be working with Kevin Smith to score an upcoming film!

For more information check out ourĀ Extensive Bio (It’s long, but it’s all done in quotes from G!)



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