Our adventure started on Friday when Umbrella Academy posted that we could expect a first look at the show to emerge from the panel on Saturday!

And Gerard took the time to pose with a couple fans at the airport when he arrived!

Gerard did a filming of a talk show with the case of Umbrella Academy set to air in Brazil 12/11/18 at 12:45am. We’ll keep you posted if it appears online!

And after the con @UmbrellaAcad posted this picture from Friday.

Saturday was a flurry of activity with 2 signings and a panel, but it started off with Gerard giving us a good morning post from Brazil.

At noon in Brazil bracelets were handed out for Gerard and Gabriel’s 5pm signing.

One of our other correspondents for this show got the chance to meet up with Gabriel Ba at his booth and he told her to keep an eye out on social media because Netflix had another surprise in store!

And sure enough, just as the 3pm signing was about to take place Netflix announced that Gerard and Gabriel had been added to a signing with the cast of Umbrella Academy for 7pm!

Which was great because it meant @raposatriste would also be able to meet Gerard at one of the signings!

There was some confusion as to whether Gerard would be at this singing because initial graphics that came out promoting the signing did not include him or Gabriel, but Gerard made sure to clear that all up when he added the updated graphic to his instagram story!

Just before the 3pm signing, Fabio Moon posted this awesome shot of Gerard and Gabriel Ba together!

The con wasn’t allowing photos to be taken at this signing but our friend was able to snap this picture at a distance of Gerard signing at 3pm with Gabriel Ba!

And Netflix Brasil hooked up with this high quality shot.

And this short video clip surfaced as well.

And this one too..

Meanwhile Netflix Brasil updated their instagram story with a video of Tom Hopper and David Castenada being silly where you can see Gerard and Gabriel in the background!

The next stop for Gerard was the 7pm (Brazil time) signing with the Umbrella Academy cast! Again, no photos were allowed, but we do have this one pic that Jeff King posted.

Once the panel was over and our friend had received her autograph from Gerard(!) we waited anxiously for the Umbrella Academy panel to begin!

Gerard was the first to be brought on stage as the panel began to get underway and our friend was there to capture the moment.

As was @UmbrellaAcad


People were super excited by the surprise of Ellen Page being present for the panel!

The first thing Gerard spoke of was how happy he was to be back in Brazil and his memories of coming to Brazil with MCR.

Here is a video that includes that moment:

A clip from the show was shown highlighting Aidan Gallagher’s role as Number 5.

After the scene (that was set in the donut shop) had ended people came out into the audience to give out donuts.

Fans were thrilled with their sweet treats!

After the donuts there were even more exciting news to come as Gerard admitted he contributed to scoring the show!

Which is great news especially for those of us who went to NC Comicon where he admitted that he was doing a cover of a song for the show also!

And that we could expect a lot of violence in the series.

Then another scene was shown, this time with Vanya.

After the clip a violinist came on stage to play and then Ellen spoke a little about her character.

As the panel was concluding the panelists all posed for this picture with the audience.

Once the panel ended Netflix Brasil updated their instagram story with some new pics from the panel

And here is a short video clip from Netflix. I was unable to locate this from an official source.

After the panel Gerard and the cast did an interview with the con where they entered a glass room and tv’s broadcasted the interview to con goers.

(We agree with Gerard)

After the interview Gerard posed for a couple pics with the cast.

An hour or so after the activity ended the entire internet celebrated with the release of the first trailer for Umbrella Academy!

And because we thought this was cool…check out how @UmbrellaAcad replied to us when we expressed our gratitude for the trailer! We feel like we’re a part of history now.

They also started rolling out some cool gifs we can’t wait to start using!

On Sunday morning we also received this cool new poster (that fans at the Netflix signing were able to get signed! Lucky ducks!)

And Netflix Brasil updated their instagram story to add two new photos of Gerard with the cast! We’re wondering if they met up to do interviews or maybe they all had breakfast together or something before they went off their separate ways to start the day.

They also posted this picture to Twitter:

Gerard had a light day at this con with just a signing at 3pm (Brazil time) and since photos were not allowed we weren’t able to turn up much but Omelete did post this picture:

And a couple fans were able to snag some:

We don’t know the circumstances surrounding this picture but after the signing Gerard did pose for a picture with this fan and she got to talk to him for a quick sec.

And that was con! We’re gonna let Gerard end this post because he says it best! Get ready!!

On Monday a press conference was held with Gerard and the cast.

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