Who likes rules? We don’t either. But! To make sure that everyone stays safe and has a great time we do have a few. Please be sure to read through these and do your best not to break them.

  1. Be Positive – It’s ok to be having a bad day and say so, but we try to keep FUN (especially the chats) exactly that, FUN, lighthearted and positive for everyone.
  2. No hot topics – We take no stance on these topics other than knowing everyone is very passionate about them so we ask that topics such as frerard, fanfiction, politics etc. not be mentioned here.
  3. No spam – If you have something of your own you would like to promote we don’t mind as long as it fits into a discussion. Please do not spam the chat with repetitive text, pics or links.
  4. No impersonating – Anyone claiming to be Lola, Gerard, his current and former band mates or family will be banned.
  5. Nothing overly sexual – We have people of all ages on FUN and because of that we must request that FUN remain as PG-13 as possible.
  6. Respectful to all – Please be respectful to everyone who is a part of FUN as well as Gerard, his former & current band mates, friends and family. We also ask that out of respect for people of all ages, swearing be kept to a minimum. (You can swear….just try to be mindful of how much and NEVER at anyone- not even joking.)
  7. No coping of ideas or plagiarizing – This is a two way street. We here at FUN worked very hard to create every page of this site. Some pages you’ll find here took us years of research and writing to put together for you. Others, such as this page, took years of personal knowledge through trial and error to figure out what works, and bring it to you in a neat little package. With that in mind, we ask that if you wish to use our content that you always link back to us and that you not decide to recreate any form of our site and brand it as your own. Also, we ask that you not post anything to FUN that is not your own unless you give credit to the original source.
  8. Limit personal information – We try very hard to keep FUN a safe place, but it’s still the internet and you never know who you’re talking to! Please be careful about the amount of personal details you’re giving out. Please don’t give out a specific location where you work or go to school, your address, your phone number or your last name. You’d be surprised how easily someone can piece together information to find you if they want to. So let’s just do our best to stay safe, yeah?
  9. Nothing involving acts of self harm – If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help. Some great resources include the Trevor Project, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and 7 cups. For a more detailed list of resources check out our Heaven Help Us page.
  10. HAVE FUN!

We hope that wasn’t too painful! Those of you who have been a part of our FUN Chats on twitter will already know all of these as they have been fine tuned through out the months of our chats to make sure everyone has a positive experience.

Lots of love & hope to see you soon in the chats and forums!


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