It takes a small village to keep FUN running smoothly and this is that village. We are a team and a family where we firmly believe all are created equal. The list below is in no specific order.


Some of you may know Eva from her time spent over the past year working to help keep the twitter content coming for all of you tweeps. With the launch of the site she is doing more of the twitter end than myself, Becks. You may also find her from time to time in the FUN chats and forums as a moderator. And you will most definitely see her in the German section of our forum where she will be helping us make sure all our German friends have a safe place to hang out too!


We first met our friend Aliisa when she submitted some beautiful art to us along with a letter for Gerard when we gave letters to Gerard at NC Comicon 2016. Her art captivated us and continues to do so to this day. We are pleased to welcome her into our family to keep the FUN Instagram updated as well as helping us run the Italian section of our forums so that our Italian friends can have a safe place to hang out and chat in their first language as well! (You may also find her helping us out from time to time in chat and forums.)


Some of you may know me as “FUN” or my middle name, Lynn. I have spent my time running FUN anonymously because I truly believe that the best way to show that your doing something for the right reasons is to just do them for the right reasons. For the past couple years, first with TUATVShow and secondly with FUN I chose to run them anonymously to grow them without needing a “name” to push them forward, or worse, becoming a vessel to push a “name” forward. (This isn’t a cricticsm or judgment on anyone, just a personal preference. I’ve never desired being “well known,” some people do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.) The biggest goal with FUN is equality. Supporting Gerard, each other and having FUN. However, with the launch of the site and all the enormous amount of work I’ve put into it I have decided to no longer hide my identity. My name is Becks. I’ve been a fan of Gerard/MCR’s since around 2004. The art has changed my life in so many positive ways and I want nothing more than to share that with everyone and do all that I can to support Gerard. I am not special because I wrote a bio or I tweeted some tweets. I am a member of staff just like any one else who works on this page. I am a part of a team and I felt it was time that I stepped up and owned the part I play in that team. I’m also a great person to track down if you see something wrong on the site or something that could be done better. (Since I’m probably liable.) 😉 I am thrilled to finally have the chance to post more openly with all of you. You will see me  (and others) posting as FUN and you will also see me as Becks. I will do my best to help Eva keep twitter up to date with what’s happening on the website and Gerard events, and to be both in the chats and forums as much as possible to make sure everyone has a great time, but make no mistake, FUN doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Gerard (in spirit), every member of staff, and every FUNyun (my word for all you wonderful people who hang out with us) equally. So lets have FUN, yeah? Yeah! 🙂


There are no upcoming events at this time.