FUN is not an exclusive page. This is not a “clique” of fan pages. We are a network of fan pages that help each other. All are welcome to join us. We do have set guidelines that we all follow to keep everything friendly and positive for everyone, but we do not ask to micromanage your pages. All fan pages are independently run and speak for themselves. We come together to help one another only.

These are the guidelines that all who are a member of FUN agree to:

-Be good to everyone within the fan page network. This is pretty basic, it means no stealing, copying, plagiarizing of other fan pages. It means being willing to help another fan page out if they ask knowing the same will be done for you should you ask. And basically no drama.

-Your page needs to be at least 95% Gerard related content. Occasionally we all go off script and post on social media about things that aren’t Gerard related and that’s ok. But most of your content should be in some way related to Gerard.

-Respectful and doesn’t contain topics that could be disliked by Gerard or those surrounding him. This basically means little to no talk about his daughter, steering clear of ships, fanfics and calling him dad.

What can you expect as a member of FUN?
-Your own account for your fan page on where you will be able to post in the affiliate news section to let others know what your up to on your page!

-Being able to use your fan page account in the FUN chats and forums.

-Your own email address for your fan page should you so desire one.

-A group of friends that have been running fan pages for quite some time that are happy to help you get started or develop your ideas or just, ya know, be that friend when it’s a tough day to run a page. We’ve all been there.

-Occasionally we will run FUN Collaborative events, where we will supply the giveaway item and let you post the giveaway as though it were your own! This is a group event so as many of our affiliates that wish to participate can also post it as their own giveaway as well. Giveaways are a great way to boost your signal and increase the traffic to your page. We do this with the specific intent to help out the smaller pages get more traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I have to do?

Nothing you don’t already do honestly. You can post on the blog to promote your page if you like but it’s not mandatory. You can ask us to help boost your signal for a specific tweet on twitter by DM’ing and asking for a boost and we will be happy to do so as long as it’s respectful and sticks to fun FUN guidelines. (We can’t promote your fan fic, or your project for another artist other than Gerard for example.)

If I affiliate and come into chat or forums am I expected to moderate? 

No. You are expected to abide by the same rules set in our FUN rules. Being an affiliate is different than being staff. We run our page just like you run your page. But you’re welcome to promote what you’re doing in the FUN chats.

What if someone comes to me with a situation that occurred on FUN and wants me to help them?

Refer them to FUN staff.

I’ve seen a lot of people putting “Member of GWayFUN” on their pages, do I have to?

That is something that people started to do without our encouragment. We are honored and we love that people feel that much pride in being a part of FUN that they have chosen to. If you would like to you certainly can, we’re always happy to see it, but you are not expected to.

Do I have to promote GWayFUN on my pages?

Nothing is mandatory here. There will be times where we may ask you if you can help boost our signal as well, but it’s never mandatory and we would not be upset with you if you felt it wasn’t something that fit the tone of your page or were uncomfortable with promoting. We do ask that you help out those that ask for your help, but we will NEVER ask you to do something that doesn’t fit the tone of your page. For example we wouldn’t ask our friends at KilljoyHistory to promote our tweets about the Umbrella Academy TV Show and we would be understanding if they didn’t want to help promote a giveaway or be a part of a collaborative giveaway that didn’t include Killjoys content. Your page is your page. You get to decide. We just ask that when you are comfortable, and it fits, that you do help when asked or even better, help before being asked when possible.

Will being a member of GWayFUN guarantee that everyone that is affiliated will promote me?

No. GWayFUN will promote you when we can, and other pages, if asked, I’m sure would be happy to help you too. For the same reason FUN can’t guarantee they will be able to offer you constant support – it’s incredibly challenging to keep up with all the fan pages and what they do – you will often need to reach out and make us aware of what you need and then we will help where we can. The same often goes for those who are affiliated with us, but it is not the rule.

Why do I have to be the one to post about my page on FUN? Shouldn’t FUN be the one to come to my page and promote me?

We tried this in the beginning, but it just didn’t work and that is why FUN actually started. We wanted to be able to keep up with what every fan page was doing and promote each other and work together. But imagine trying to keep up with what Gerard and all his colleagues are doing, creating your own content for your own page(s) and then trying to keep track of what 20+ other pages are doing. There is unfortunately just not enough time in a day. We had to streamline and focus on what was important which is creating our own content, making everyone feel welcome and safe here (which requires constant moderating), and most importantly, promoting Gerard.

This is why we are set up how we are set up. You will be given limited access to that will allow you to log in and create a post promoting your page at any time. This will then be put in the moderation queue for us to approve. As we approve it to go live on the website, it is likely we will also tweet it out simultaneously. So as you can see, basically the second you make it hit our desk we will approve it and promote it, but it is up to you to take the first step.

If you need help creating your post for FUN you can always come to us and we will be happy to help you. But unfortunately we can not come to your page every day, scan it to see what you’re doing and create a post for you. It’s just too much for one person.

Will you always approve any post I create?

Most likely. As we said before, we do not ask you to put anything on your pages that you’re not comfortable with, so we do reserve the right to not approve something being promoted through FUN.

However, in the last year and a half that we have run this page through twitter we have never turned a page down when they have asked us to promote what they are doing. So for example, if you did a review of Young Animal, if you’re running a secret santa, you’re going to a signing and want to bring letters to Gerard, or you just want to say “hi here’s my page. Here’s what I post about. Please come check us out!” Anything along those lines we’re happy to help you promote.

If asked, will you promote my page if I’m not a member of FUN?

We have thought long and hard about this. It was a very tough call to make and the answer is simply this. If you are the site owner and you personally were to post something that had FUN tagged or asked for promotion then yes. If the owner of that page comes to us and asks us personally to help them, we will. So if you want a one time promotion we are happy to do this as long as the post follows our guidelines. (Which may mean you run a fan fic page but you want to promote the photos you took of Gerard at an event.)

HOWEVER, to keep things fair to those who are affiliated we will not promote or allow promotion of any other page that is not affiliated with us from FUN. This means if a page is not affiliated with us and a fan of that page tags us in it, or if we are tagged in something that is with a page that is not affiliated we will not engage those posts. This is not to be mean to anyone, this is to be fair to those who work with us. And to respect the choices of those who do not wish to affiliate. The biggest perk of being affiliated with FUN is a group of people trying to help each other succeed.

This rule is in play because in the past we have had people that have stolen from us and then expected promotion from us. This is unfair to everyone willing to play fair and be inclusive and goes directly against what we feel Gerard stands for.

IF you are not the owner of a page and don’t see them listed here please feel free to reach out and let them know we are here and we are happy to include them. We are 100% inclusive to all fan pages and fans a like. Everyone is welcome.

Isn’t it kind of egotistical to claim that you can help other fan pages?

We don’t think so. We’re not claiming our page is the biggest or the best fan page out there. We are trying to create a community where everyone feels equal and to do that we feel that it is important to cater to fan pages and fans alike. We give the same help we receive. It’s an equal partnership. Every single fan page out there reaches people that others don’t. We’re happy to put your fan page out to our audience. We ask the same (when doing so follows the tone of your page).

There are pages we affiliate with that have a bigger audience and pages that we affiliate with that are based on a specific topic that leaves them unable in most cases to promote us. FUN hasn’t been created to control the fandom. It’s been created to give everyone a place where they feel they belong. We just chose to make sure fan pages can feel like they belong too. As we’ve said before there are no egos here and not only do we expect all pages to run independently, we encourage it.

No one wants to see the same site, but this aspect of our site was created because we wanted a place where we could go to know everything that was going on in the fandom quickly and go from there. We expect that there will be times we will post affiliate news that will take people from FUN to our friends pages and we are more than happy with that.

No egos. No control. We all run independent. We come together to help each other. If you’d like to be included, we’re happy to have you. If you prefer to not affiliate, that’s totally fine. No one will hold it against you (as long as you don’t plagiarize)! And you are more than welcome to join as a G Way fan and a friend.

Has anyone ever been refused to join GWayFUN?


Has anyone ever been asked to leave GWayFUN after affiliating?

Nope. We’re very open minded here at FUN and as we’ve said pretty consistently, we expect people to run independently and we don’t try to micromanage or control pages. As long as your page is respectful and follows the basic guidelines we set we’re cool. We have never gone to anyone and withdrew affiliation, and we hope we will never have to.

How do I submit a page to become an affiliate?

IF you are the owner of a fan page and would like to affiliate with FUN please send us an email to affiliates (at) letting us know your page, what it does, and that you are willing to abide by our guidelines. If you have any questions you’d like to have answered please feel free to send us an email or dm us on twitter to ask us anything you would like to know.


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