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    So basically, I plan on getting my first tattoo soon, and I want it to be MCR related but I have pretty much zero ideas. It has to be a small tattoo, fairly simple. My mom wants it small because I’m still pretty young and she thinks I won’t be able to handle the pain for long. But anyway.
    tl;dr if anyone has any ideas for a small my chem tattoo, let me know thanks!

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    Gunner, my best advice is to look through all the art and lyrics on the MCR albums. Try and find that thing or lyric that means the most to you and makes you love this band. If you still can’t think of something look at a lot of MCR inspired art on Instagram but I think you cheat yourself if you copy a tattoo because it should be something absolutely special and speaks to you and for you. I am sure you will find something and it will be awesome. ☺

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    There are many things you could use for a tattoo about MCR, it depends from which album or song is your favorite. For example if you love The Black Parade you could do one of the characters of the artwork of this album, if you have a favorite lyrics you could do that. It’s something you will have forever on your skin so it must be something very important for you. I’m sure you will find the right thing to do 🙂

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