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    Come say hi and introduce yourself to everyone!

    If you want to enter for the giveaway MAKE SURE you can be in the FUN Chat here at GWayFUN.com on January 31st OR leave a way to contact you (such as your twitter user name) in your introduction post. If we can’t reach you, we can’t notify you won and will have to select someone else. 🙁

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    Hi! I love your page, my name is Martina and I’m from Granada, Andalucía, in Spain. I want to enter for the giveaway, so you can contact me as @LoveZombirella.
    I love what you’re doing with this page.

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      Hi my name is Angie. I’m from New York. I’m very shy. I like using the internet. I like drawing. I like reading scary books. I like watching telenovelas. I’m sweetliner. I like talking to people. It makes me happy.

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    anna menzel

    hello! my name is anna and i’m a brazilian girl. i know mcr since i was just 10 and i’m a huge fan. my twitter is @lkneesocks (i also love arctic monkeys lmao), so feel free to hang out with me! btw HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    Right, hi! My name is Reks Stratneo, nonbinary dude who uses they/he/it I run myrareromance on Twitter [which is a new project of mine]. Hit me up there. I don’t bite

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    Hi everybody!
    This is my first time on the site and I’m super excited to get to talk to some Gerard fans! Hope you all are having a great first day of the new year!

    Also for the contest my Twitter is @hazel_way

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    Good moaning! (I’M SORRY) My name is Kaja and I’m just a teenage music addict. I play guitar, bass and ukulele and I’m really bands obsessed. I’m mostly afraid of writing to people first, but if you start, I can talk about anything. I love memes, bad puns and socks (who doesn’t like socks?)
    So, uhm, feel free to talk to me because I have no life and all I do is writing with people anyway.
    Oh, also I’m very into writing letters, so if any of you all would like to exchange some, tell me!
    Much love to you all!
    Twitter user @xokaypie

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    Hi! My name’s Deanna. I’m from New Orleans, LA, and I’ve been into MCR and subsequently Gerard’s solo projects for the last 13 years. I’m so thankful for this site and can’t wait to interact with everyone! My Twitter @ is DearDeanna as well ?

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    Hello guys I’m Anthony Maaß. I’m a big fan of Gerard Way, he’s my idol! I’m happy to be here

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    Hi everyone.
    My name is Bogdana, can call me Dana, because it’s easier.
    I’m fifteen y.o. I’m a student of the tenth grade.
    I very like music, games and diferent books. And I like cooler weather more than warm.
    Wish more lucky and good mood.

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    Madina Scott

    Hi everyone! My name is Madina. I’m proud of being fan of MCR! I’m a music, animals, series, books lover. My twitter is @sherholmwats (I will be glad to meet new wonderful people)
    P.s. Thank you for this amazing site!❤

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    Hey! I’m Quinn and my pronouns are he/him! I’ve been following GWAYFUN for years now, it’s so heartwarming to see this website created! My twitter is @whosthekilier.

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    Nene Chan

    Hey everyone! I’m Nene, but also known as Mizuki_hana on Twitter! I’m an old school MCR fan, but also excited for everything that Gerard and the guys do today! Been a long time supporter of GWayFUN ever since I had the pleasure to meet the creator! What an amazing individual and no that is not kissing ass. ^0^

    Feel free to contact me here or on Twitter @mizuki_hana2! ^-^

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    Ezra g

    HI my twitter username is @ZekeRaze and I love the FUN chats! I’m happy to be here and excited for what’s to come.

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    Hello there 🙂
    My name is Alexandra, I’m from Paris and I’m 19 y. o. ! I’m known as fromthemorgue everywhere on the internet haha.
    So glad to be here and to meet you all.
    Lots of love.

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    hey hi hello i’m kjirstin. i can be found on twitter with the handles @resurrecti0nist (private) and @kjrstnlzbth (public).
    i’ve been a fan of gerard and mcr for about 13 years now.
    i’m happy to be part of this community ?

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    Hello! My name is Kristen, I usually go by Kris for short. I am an old school MCR fan. I also enjoy all the projects from the members they have given to us. Gerard has touched my heart through his music, kindness to his fans and art. I am a huge supporter of @gwayfun. They welcomed me into the community with open arms and made me feel welcome. For that I am grateful. Looking foward to talking with everyone here. I am also on Twitter @3cheersforpizza. ??

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    Hi! I’m Max, a British MCR stan and a HUGE Umbrella Academy fan. I’d like to enter the giveaway (my twitter is @maxitheunic0rn too). I use they or he pronouns.

    I am so grateful to gwayFUN for retweeting some of my art sometimes and allowing me to find other MCR and Gerard fans as well as helping me to keep up to date with G and what he’s doing.

    (I must admit that I’m more of a Frank stan overall but I love and appreciate all of the ex-members so, so much)

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    Alright hi!
    My name’s Gunner, and I’ve been an MCR/Gerard Way fan for a little less than a year (around the end of May of 2017). I’m actually pretty happy to be here, I talk about Gerard and his work a lot and I suppose this is the perfect place to do it! My twitter is the same as my name here: @pianojamlive and I’m almost always on there unless I’m at school or I’m asleep, so I can talk pretty much whenever. To anyone reading this, if you ever need someone to rant to, I’m always open to talk and listen. I love helping people, so you’ll never be bothering me. Anyway, lots of love!

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    Lidija N


    My name’s Lidija (pronounced lid-ee-yuh) but my friends usually call me “Lid.” I was introduced to MCR in 2013 after the breakup but I didn’t begin to listen until the end of 2016. My twitter is @dearanathema and I’m always down to talk!

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    hello everyone! I’m Mimi and when i was like 4 my sister introduced me to MCR (in 2005). I love D&D and fantasy stuff so if you want to nerd out with me I’m always open. I’m honestly very excited to be here, it’ll be an awesome way for us to connect. If you ever need to reach me I’m most active on my twitter: @mimi_crx Much love!

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    Hello! My name is Thuhufa and I’m from South Asia. My chem and Gerard got me through 2016 and everyday since. I look to Gerard for inspiration because he’s achieved and overcome so much in his life and I’m so proud of him.

    Joining this site I think this is a great way to start off 2018.
    For the contest you can reach me on my twitter: @mygratedromance

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    Hallo, my name is Shae and I’m from the US. I love MCR and this page and am super excited for the future of G-Way Fun! I’m into music and DnD, and am currently in a Danger Days campaign with some fellow emos, so I’m riding on a slight emo high right now. Can’t wait to talk to you all! ? twitter: @oni216 Tumblr: oni216

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    Hello! I’m Janne (15) from the Netherlands. I really love music and I’m really excited to spend some time on here and, hopefully, make some new friends! So if you wanna talk, I’m here! Or go over to twitter, my name is @jannezwan.
    Have a great 2018 y’all!

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    Hello! My name is Charysma and I’m from Texas, USA. I first heard MCR towards the end of 2016 and they help me go through my step dad being deployed. My favorite album of theirs is Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I’m so happy that this page exists and I know that it’s a great way to start 2018. G-Way FUN once made a group chat early 2017 and I met one of my best friends. I really believe that Gerard has had so many accomplishments including his music and comics, so I’m glad I found a place where I can really appreciate it.

    That’s all of me. Sorry if it’s really long. Just had a lot to say. You can message on Twitter @musicandoreo

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    Hi! I’m Tayla from Perth Australia and I love music and playing guitar and I’m excited to start using this website! You can message me at @nofuhkingfun on Twitter

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    Hello! I am Lindsay, the local Off Brand Lyn-Z. I am 12 years old and from the Philippines. I’m free to talk in any social medias of the following:
    Twitter: @nofvckingfun
    Instagram: p4r7y_gh0ul
    Wattpad: @ShippingGays123

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    Hey! I’m Caitlin from the UK. I’m 16, Ive been a fan of MCR since around 2011 (thanks to my older brothers great taste in music). I’m huge fan of pretty much all of Gerard’s work, including comics.
    You can find me on twitter @XCaitlinJX
    Instagram @Caitlinjonesmustdie
    Feel free to message me, I’m always looking to make new friends.

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    Hi, my name is Li and ive been a fan of mcr for about 1 year now. I’m really glad to be a part of this fandom. You can contact my on twitter @20_paph0nies

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    Vanessa M.

    Hey! My name is Vanessa and I’ve been a huge fan of Gerard since I was 14. I love his comics, his art and his music (also just his entire personality)

    I sing and (try to) play guitar because of him. I also (again, try to) make art like his.

    I’m from Malaysia so I’m sorry if I miss any live chats (blame timezones lol)
    My twitter is @FuckNeonAngels. I’m so looking forward to talking to more people that love G. Bye for now 🙂

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    krissii grimmer

    Hiya. I’m Krissii. I’m nearly 39 (groan) & live in Northumberland, England. Born & raised in Plymouth (any fellow Janners out there?) Began listening to MCR back in 2006 through my then 5 year old daughter. I brought her WTTBP album & ended up listening to it on repeat & ended up being obsessed with the album. Went out & get Bullets & Revenge & fell in love with them. I spent the next 11 years finding out everything I could about them & even got tattoos dedicated to them. Never got the chance to see them live as never had the guts to go to concerts but in 2014, I managed to get tickets for my daughter & I to see Gerard in Glasgow (I had never been there before!) then 4 days later, I saw Frank in Newcastle. Since then, I have seen Frank 6 times (3 times when he was FIATC, once as DeathSpells & twice as FIATP) Managed to get to Leeds (never been there before either!) & met Gerard at Thought Bubble back in September & I thought he was the most sweetest person ever.

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    Hey, hope everyone’s having a great day so far!
    I’m Daniel and I’m 22 years old
    I’m from Israel and I love music, comics and arts
    Gerard Way has inspired me to come out to my religious family and had changed my life completely.
    I’m always looking for new friends so if you want to talk just hit me up here or on twitter @daniel_moyal
    (Btw, English is my third language so I’m sorry if I’ll have any mistakes)

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    Hi I’m Claudia, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Austin, Texas. I discovered MCR/Gerard Way about 2 years ago after some friends of mine introduced me to them. I also began listening to the guys’ solo music (Hesitant Alien, Frank Iero and the Patience, ect.) after I finished all of the MCR albums and began reading the Young Animal comics as they started being released. Gerard’s comics are actually what got me to start reading comics more and go to the comic book shop. I also like drawing and watercolor painting, mostly drawings related to music. I hope to one day see Gerard and Frank live one day and can’t wait for Gerard to release new music. I’m also really excited for The Umbrella Academy to come on Netflix.
    If you want to talk to me/follow me I’m on twitter and Instagram: @The.Emo.Hobbit

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    hi everyone, i answer to most things including ‘Oi’. my twitter name is @weirdlyok1
    I’m from Cornwall in the UK.
    I love to draw, I’m not that good but i love to do it anyway.
    music was my first love, it showed me there is more to this cr*phole i called life, because of that I’m still here kicking and screaming, SURVIVING.
    my favourite Gerard memory, meeting him at ThoughtBubble.

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    Hello I’m lemon (not my real name) I’m from los Angeles, California. I play ukulele and guitar. I enjoy drawing, birding, and rock climbing.
    My Twitter is @sunlit_lemon

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    Hi, my name is Francois. I am seventeen years old and I live in Long Beach, California. I have only been an MCR and Gerard Way fan for a few months. I knew about them before through my mom–who is a little young for a mother of a teenager so she listened to their music in the 2000s–but I only really got into their music in the beginning of this school year, when I found their music as a way to express the emotions I began to feel. I also love Gerard’s solo music. My favorite song off Hesitant Alien is Drugstore Perfume. I don’t really do social media, except for my twitter, which is @Lane_J62. Feel free to contact me if you wanna talk 🙂

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    Hi, my name is Tina. I have been an MCR fan with my daughter Cloe for 13 yrs. We saw them everytime they came to Dallas, and we even went to San Antonio and Austin to see them.
    We bought everything they came out with and between the 2 of us have tons of hoodies and t-shirts. We have met Frankie, Bob and Mikey, but not Ray or Gerard. We almost always came close to meeting Gerard, but at the last minute it’s like something always happened to prevent us from it. Cloe my daughter shed many a tear over those days. We loved Gerard’s solo tour and we support him totally on his comics. Cloe has the first few Umbrella Academy’s that came out and kept them in the plastic cover. I just started reading the first vol. of Doom Patrol. I’m not sure I understand it yet, but I’ve never read a comic in my life, so I’ll get back to you on what I think once I get a lil further into it. I do like other bands and types of music. I’m not totally obsessed with Gerard and MCR.(although most people think that) I love Taking Back Sunday, The All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, 21 Pilots, Simple Plan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Emagine Dragons, 30 Secs To Mars, Eminem and lots more.
    I am an avid animal lover and used to foster dogs, but I ended up keeping the ones I fostered, so now I just donate,because I have 4 dogs.
    I am a pretty religious person, but I respect everyone else’s beliefs. Concerts are my favorite thing to do. I love meeting the bands. I am glad the boys in MCR are happy and healthy and are doing the things they want to do with their time and their families.
    I will be an MCR fan forever ❤️

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      This is Tina again. I forgot to put my Twitter acct. name.
      Sorry ?

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    is the reply button how ur supposed to get to this? if I reply to the original instead of making a new post I’m sorry haha. my twt is @stylizetherose! I’m L and I’m from the us, I play bass n guitar n draw often. I love reading comics too. anyways y’all r rad, loving the website!!

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    Hello, everyone!

    I just wanted to say, “Hi!” This is such a cool idea! I love that there is now a chat room for Gerard Way. There are some for MCR that I’m on. I hope to meet some friends from those on here!

    About me: I love photography, MCR, Green Day, and any other emo/punk bands! SWMRS is my latest obsession. They’re soooo good! I also dabble in art even though I’m not very good. Oddly enough, I also love Astronomy and Physics!

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    super hyped because i’ve been a follower on twitter for a while and i’ve never been to this website? im shook. But anyway, can’t wait to be on here more often!!

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    Hey, I finally made it in to the site and it is amazing. I love reading about all the Young Animal creators. It is really looking good.@

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    Can Richards

    OH HEY THIS IS NEATO, hi i’m Can ( @ CanCan_jpg on Twitter and @ cancan.jpg on instagram) and i draw a lot and like rock bands and comics! And Star Wars!

    i love hesitant alien and danger days a lot!

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    Hello guys,
    I’m Alexandra! Nice to meet you all, I’m so damn excited about this new site. It’s already been 2 hours and I still can’t get enough of the awesome content GWayFun have created for us all. Gerard has helped me a lot through his music, comics, art, his great life quotes and not only. Words can’t express how proud I am of how much he has achieved and how far he has come through the years.
    You can find me on twitter here: @ihemmingslove
    I’m so happy to be a part of this community and I’m totally looking forward to talking to you 🙂 <3

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    Brenden Bass

    Hey! My name is Brenden, I am a huge fan of Gerard Way as a solo artist and comic writer and of MCR. Just found out about this and I am very happy to be part of it!

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    Brenden Bass

    Ok. Just found out about the giveaway, so… I’ll just reintroduce myself. Hey, I’m Brenden, huge fan of mcr and Gerard. My Twitter is @BassBrenden

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    lilly ??

    hiya im lilly 🙂
    ive been a huge fan of Gerard and mcr for quite a while now aha. right now im currently obsessed with Hesitant Alien and i’m about to get Doom Patrol 🙂
    my twitter is @lillymusick31 (:

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    Hi! I really really love this page! my name is Mandy and I’m from Delfzijl, Groningen,The Netherlands. I want to enter for the giveaway, so you can contact me as @mandy22001.
    I super love it what you’re doing with this page. Keep this Page working and please don’t stop!

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    Hi I love your Twitter and website so much ! I’m @dawsonsvoid on Twitter and have been following for a while <3. I retweeted to enter the giveaway 🙂 Some of my hobbies are reading, playing the piano and listening to music. My favorite bands are my chem, panic ! & tøp:”). I also have a secret passion for drawing and I hope to be able to embrace this love for drawing in 2018. Keep up the good work on this website !

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    Alice Igins

    Salutations? My name is Riven(@aliceigins on twitter) and I’m from Ukraine. The most beautiful people it’s people who’s making art, people who create magic in our souls. That is why I apriciate Gerard Way and enjoy our fandom with every single fiber of my heart. Feel free to write me any time you want. I’m very social actually so if you’re introvertial kid come hang out anyway, differences are cool!(you can always throw some meme and run lol) What else uhm…I HAVE 25 CATS AND IT’S NOT A JOKE. So cats are the only thing I do better than Gerard Way haha. Okay I don’t know what else to say so bye! Sign me up for giveaway. XoxoxO?

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    Hi! I’m not so new to Fun’s stuff but I’m new to this blog! After a few fails of trying to get onto the website myself, I’m finally making it to posting on here! Hopefully it works, but I wanted to tell FUN that you guys have created such a beautiful site, and I love every aspect from it. From the forums to the chats and safe places like “heaven help us.” Thanks so much for sharing this site with the world! I’m hopeful more people will discover it, i love it. hopefully I’m able to contribute more of it as a visitor myself. xoEm

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    Hi I’m Jasper and i just joined! I’ve also entered the giveaway which has awesome stuff in it. Who’s excited for Umbrella Academy on Netflix?!!!

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    Hi I’m Jasper and i just joined! I’ve also entered the giveaway which has awesome stuff in it. Who’s excited for Umbrella Academy on Netflix?!!!

    My twitter is @jasper_carbone.

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    i’m bridgette (bri, brid, bridge) (she/her or he/him) and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk. i like mcr, fob, tøp, and p!atd (emo quartette)

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    my name is Xavier, like Charles xavier from X-Men. My father was a big X-Men fan. I’m a gay man who has had a lot of struggles in his life, and through the world of comics and music, I have found a place where I fit in and am no longer an outcast. I’m very excited to meet others through this site. I think this site is a brilliant idea to connect people.

    My main Twitter is @homosexualsnape and my side twitter for comic book stuff is @monsieurmaliah (I’m a big Harry Potter fan and doom patrol fan).

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      I’m really excited for the giveaway and for umbrella academy on Netflix. I read the comics when I was 10 and have been waiting for hotel oblivion since then.

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    Hi!! I’m Silvina and I’m from Argentina. This is a really cool site, I love it!! I think I’m older than most of you but never mind, it’s always great to share thoughts with people who love and respect Gerard’s art. Well, to introduce myself I can say I’m a translator and english teacher and I’ve loved G since I was 14 ahhaha.
    Ask me anything you want. I’m here if you need someone to talk to, too.
    I’m @SilviMCR on twitter and @lady.ofsorrows on Instagram.
    Chem kisses for all.

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    Jillian Ambler

    hello! my name is jillian and i’m shocked i didn’t see this website earlier! i’ve been busy with school and stuff (life’s a full time job) so a website with consolidated info is super helpful! i just don’t have the time to scour the internet for the latest news haha. anyways you can reach me at @jillianambler on twitter (it’s on private but i think the gwayFUN account follows me already). thanks and good vibes!

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    Hello!! Wow, what a busy few months it must have been making this website, I’ve just been having a browse and it looks fab! Well done!!

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      Hey Mol! Welcome! We’re glad you like the site! Today we actually had to renew the domain (gerardwayfun.com) which means that exactly one year ago today we broke ground on creating this site. It was a lot of work, but we’re glad to be sharing it with you now. 🙂

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    Hello My name is Sam (She/They pronouns). I have been following GWayFun for a while now on twitter. @bloodyrevenge13
    I love this website so far.

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    hello! my name is lee.
    this site is pretty cool because it gives you all sorts of inspiration for almost anything if you put your mind to it.
    its also a great way to meet other Gerard Way/MCR fans. 🙂
    my Twitter is @invalidiero

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    Hi! My name’s Rocío. I’m from Mexico City and I’ve been into MCR and subsequently Gerard’s solo projects for the last 12 years.

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      Hi Rocio! Would you happen to be the same Rocio that used to be a part of MCRime.net? Welcome to FUN! ?

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