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    Do you have some fan art, a fan tat, or a story about MCR/Gerard that you’d like to share?

    You can submit them here if you have a link to them. If you don’t have a link to what you’d like to submit you can dm us on twitter or email them to us at fansubmissions (at) gwayfun.com.

    If you’re unsure how to add an image to a forum:
    click the “IMG” tab in your post. It will ask you the link for your photo. So for example if we were linking a picture from one of the gwayFUN photo galleries we would go to the picture then right click and choose “copy link address”.
    Go back to the IMG tab and insert the link into the field where it asks. It will then ask you for a title you can choose to do this if you want to, or just continue typing in the post.

    It will show up as html text, but when you submit your post the image will show up!

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 6 months ago by  GWayFUN.
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