Gerard Way – Writer

Nick Derington – Penciller & Cover Artist

Tom Fowler – Inker

Tamra Bonvillain – Colorist

Todd Klein – Letterer

Jeremy Lambert – Special Thanks

Kyle Smart – Variant Cover Artist

Jamie S. Rich – Editor

Molly Mahan- Editor


From start to finish this issue of Doom Patrol takes us on a wild ride, just like issue #9 promised it would. Every piece of this issue is absolute perfection. Every name that deserves credit also deserves a great big pat on the back for an excellent job well done (and maybe an Eisner).

If you’re looking for a comic that will keep you on the edge of your seat, confuse you, inspire you, entertain you. This is that book. It was excellent to see the return of Mr. Nobody and how the current incarnation of the Doom Patrol interacted with this not-so-new baddie to overcome.

What really pops in this issue is the way art, color and words collide to create a story that is far-fetched from the world we live in while still tackling real-world issues that we all deal with every day. Sure, we may not be eating $#!+, but we do feed our bodies and our minds with a lot of stuff that could be classified as such and the end result is often just as chaotic as it plays out for our friends in the Doom Patrol.

This issue, much like in the past issues, takes on big topics while not making you feel like you’re reading about a heavy topic. It is funny, it’s unexpected, it’s got some creep factor and it’s got a lot of heart. And this issue works really well for a good build-up for the future issue to come.

If you’re new to comics and want to pick up Doom Patrol it’s not too late to start! Issue #7 or even Issue #8 is a good start point to jump in. You can also find the TPB for issues 1-6, Brick By  Brick in stores now.

Happy reading!

Rating: 1010 of 10 (Even if I wasn’t biased)

If you’ve read Doom Patrol #10 check out our review that includes way too many spoilers to read before reading the issue by clicking here.

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