If you’re like us and you can’t wait for the release of Milk Wars, the upcoming Eternity Girl series, and of course the return of our favorite Young Animal characters, then you don’t want to miss this interview!

Gerard talks a lot about what’s in store for Young Animal and gives us some insight on what it was like to create ‘Milk Wars’ with Steve Orlando and the rest of the Young Animal writers.

This article also features a full in-color preview of ‘Milk Wars’ part 1 that is out tomorrow and even gives us a little bit of clarity on that end scene in issue #10 of Doom Patrol (you can read our review for that by clicking here).

This interview is great and you are bound to enjoy it. We really loved what Gerard had to say about taking on challenges.

Gerard Way: Milk Wars was something that was brought to me by DC, which I saw as a fun challenge, a way to reach mainstream readers, and hopefully a way to infect them with our weirdness. All of the YA books operate on their own, in their own stories and set of circumstances, but I have always felt like crossing over the YA titles within themselves ever since the beginning, because I love our small collective of creators and I love our Young Animal characters. As a collective, it felt like a good family adventure to go on together. Young Animal is a big experiment, so Milk Wars felt like a part of that experiment. And getting to mess around with the big DCU characters also seemed like a lot of fun. I don’t often hesitate when presented with challenges, as I always see them as opportunities to create something interesting, but I do have a healthy understanding of the potential outcomes when experimenting, both good and bad.

To read the full interview just click here.

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