Killjoy History aims to archive all available Danger Days content on the web, including tweets, videos, behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, and more. But sometimes, a simple picture or a single tweet doesn’t give you the full story. Want to go more in-depth into the world of Danger Days? Check out our library of articles and read up on the history of this iconic era.

Killjoys Celebrate at the House of Blues: When My Chemical Romance played a record release show at the House of Blues, they had a lot of surprises in store, including a “Zone 5 Fun Fair,” a performance from Show Pony, and more.

Killjoys on Twitter: A Bizarre Universe Unfolds: The history of the Danger Days Twitter accounts, from their bizarre introductions to their quiet finales.

Who is Agent Cherry Cola? (With a “y,” not an “i”!): As fans dove into the world of the Twitter accounts, they started to suspect that an impersonator was in their midst. And they made more than a few outlandish claims…

Mike Milligram: The Lost Killjoy: Killjoys wasn’t always about the Fabulous Four. In fact, there’s a whole cast of characters who never saw the light of day.

Fan Interview: An interview with a fan who was active during the heyday of the Twitter accounts.

Conventional Weapons and the Rocky Road to Danger Days: “Danger Days” and “Conventional Weapons” might seem like two totally different projects. But the two albums have always been intertwined, one project leading to another in a mess of inspiration, experimentation, and scrapped music.

The Rise and Fall of Dr. Death Defying: Dr. Death Defying was more than just another Killjoy. He was the center of the universe–at least, until another cast of characters took over.

Shaun Simon: The Fifth Killjoy: Shaun Simon’s contributions have gone largely uncredited in the fandom. But he was responsible for some of the universe’s most iconic creations, including Blue, Cherri Cola, and even the name “Killjoys” itself.

Glenn Beck Takes on “SING”: After the popular TV show Glee covers “SING,” MCR finds themselves with a surprise new enemy: popular right-wing Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

How Danger Days Became the Unlikely Final Chapter: Danger Days wasn’t always planned to be the final album.

Who are the Fabulous Four?: When the “Na Na Na” video dropped, fans immediately latched on to the colorful Killjoy gang known as the Fabulous Four. But as time went on, fans realized that they knew little about the characters’ backgrounds, personalities, or motivations–in fact, they practically knew nothing at all.

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