These lyrics were translated from the following live version. If you can help perfect the lyrics let us know in the comments below!

Cheap lights
From across the broken glass
From across the room I left
In a rundown place
Where the chairs are spent
I can see he turn your hand
Or a smile in my crap
Or may be we went it wrong
Cheap lights
From the little kind of old class
Where the other kind will trash
And we’re on two hands
But we sure can dance
And we may not be too smart
And we may not got the cash
Well life’s not cheap if you live it right

You will in a body
And I was never part of friend
And there’s some kind that I forgot
We’re league and uprighten
But we could be something
But we’ll never be a getaway
I will be hearing what I hear to loveWith all these expensive hours
Ahhh ahhh yeah
Spell me


Something happens to me
Well then they gonna be get me
And you never be get me
Here and we’ll be hearing a little love
With all these expensive light
Aaahhhhh yea yeahh woahh
Gotta be something
And you gotta be get me
hear what I hear here when you’re leaving one
With the love song expending it out
Woah yeah yeah x2
Well it’s coming down
Well it’s been it’s coming down

Would we like to come again
In as fast that we can
Well the last time is a piece of more

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