Since we did a couple giveaways in October with one ending, at the time this was written, today and one leading us into the new month, we decided it was fitting to give them their own separate post!

Our first giveaway was to celebrate Hesitant Alien turning 5, with what else but a signed copy of HA!


Our second giveaway which ends on Nov 2nd with a winner being selected on Nov 3rd is, of course, a little something we threw together for Halloween!

We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

In the spirit of catching up, here are the giveaways we did throughout the year of 2019 to present!

February 2019


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I know, I know, we got really behind in updating this section on our site. But we want it to be complete so here is a list of giveaways we gave away in 2018, and when possible, the list of winners (sometimes people delete their accounts).

June-July 2018


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For Gerard’s birthday we decided to do a giveaway to celebrate!

Don’t worry though, we started it on his birthday but it’s still available to enter for his entire birthday month!

To enter on twitter: RT & Be following.

To enter on instagram: be following, repost and tag us!

For additional entries:

Create & submit Gerard related art (1 per instagram and 1 per twitter)
Tell us why you’re glad Gerard exists (you can do this once on instagram and once on twitter too)












This giveaway went to @pandabat

Our last giveaway has ended, so it’s time to get into the next one!

We’re really excited about the release of ‘Milk Wars’, Young Animal’s very first cross over event with the DC Universe, so we decided to have a release party and you’re all invited!

To enter:

Rt the tweet below and be following us on twitter.

For an additional way to enter:

Reply to us on Instagram or Twitter showing us your comics or telling us what you think of ‘Milk Wars’ using the hashtags #MilkWars #DCYoungAnimal!

If you send us pictures of each comic you can gain up to 5 additional entries! 😉

Good luck & have FUN!!



Welcome to the brand new! This is a very exciting moment for us. We’ve been working on some of the content of this site for nearly 5 years and for the last 6 months it has been our reason for being so quiet (We were working on this site every day in secret!).

We hope you like it! And of course what better way to start this party off than with a giveaway, right? So here it is:

For an additional entry into this giveaway simply send out a post on your Twitter and/or Instagram (each post is counted as an entry) telling your friends what you like about the new site and encouraging them to come check it out!

Example 1: “Wow, the new is great. I love the chat & forums! Everyone should check it out! Thanks @GWayFUN

Example 2: “The new  site created by @GWayFUN is my new favorite hangout. You should come hang out too!

We strongly encourage you to use your own words and to be honest. Make sure to tag us so we can count you for the entry.

Additional Giveaway FAQ’s: 

Where can I find the Meet & Greet Forum? Click here

Deadline to enter: January 30th, 2018

Is it international? Yes.

How do multiple entries work? Just follow the instructions and each one of the things you do to enter will be counted.

How will you know how to contact me if I win via the website? 

GREAT QUESTION. YOU MUST leave a way to contact you in your forum post so we can reach out should you win that way.

Please note the autographed ashcan we send out may look slightly different than pictured. Instead of flattening out one of the ashcans these wonderful people autographed for us, we used two to create the image we used for the giveaway. The front is the one you’ll receive, the back is not and the autographs you saw in our tweets leading up to this giveaway will be the ones you receive.

Have FUN!


We’ve done many giveaways on Twitter and while some were hard to find we did our best to go back and find as many as we could of the giveaways we’ve done in the past, and when possible, the picture from the winner.

This giveaway went to @_gabby_newton on Twitter.

This giveaway went to @ItWasAlwaysFOB on Twitter.

This giveaway went to @OhMissHelena on Twitter.

This giveaway was run across 10 Gerard Way fan pages on Twitter. Each page selected a person to put in the drawing and then we had one big drawing for the prize. @BanesColoring had selected @PinkyPeas and she was selected from the big drawing to win this giveaway.

This giveaway went to @sweetliner on Twitter!

This giveaway was sent to @louluvgossip on Twitter!


The person who won this giveaway changed their twitter name and I have been unable to locate them, unfortunately. If it was you please let me know. 🙂

Unfortunately the third winner of this contest deleted her photo. I believe her name was Alisha.

This giveaway was sent to @faIIouthowelI who has since changed her Twitter screen name to @SoulPunkPilots!

This giveaway was sent to @weirdlyok on Twitter.

I’m unable to locate the name of the person who won this giveaway. This was when FUN was newish and was learning how to keep better tabs on everything. If this went to you please let us know so we can put that here.

I’m unable to locate the name of the winner for this giveaway as well. If it was you please let me know.

We’re unsure who won this one either but I’m about 95% sure it was sent to @unassumingrose on Twitter.

This giveaway was sent to @bandsidiot who has since changed her name to @hamiltwat on Twitter.

We also ran a giveaway for an NC Comicon print that was signed by Tommy Lee Edwards and Gerard. I am unable to find the original tweet for it but the winner was @grcemeise on Twitter.


There are no upcoming events at this time.