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When people find out I have met Gerard several times I’m asked a lot of things about him. I thought I’d write a post that answers most of the questions I’m asked often, so here we go.

What is he like?

Incredibly kind and non-judgmental. This is something I’ve picked up from repeatedly meeting him and also hearing other people’s experiences in meeting him. Most fans can’t say they’ve had the same experience with him, but they can all say it was a positive experience. I attribute this to the fact that Gerard is really empathetic and has this incredible ability to see people.

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Why are comics so confusing?

This answer is gonna blow your mind. They aren’t any more confusing then the concept of watching a tv show or reading a novel was to you when you first started watching or reading them. Comics is just new to you. In fact you’re still confused when you start a new book or a new movie, you just don’t recognize it because you know you’re supposed to be a certain level of confused. Who’s the killer? Why did this book start in the woods? And for god sakes who framed Roger Rabbit?

Comics are new to you, so when you sit with them your mind is aware of the confusion. The only way to get past that is to READ.

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