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Written by Jon Rivera
Inks by Michael Avon Oeming
Colors by Nick Filardi
Edited by Molly Mahan
Executive Editor: Mark Doyle
Variant Cover: Christian Ward
DC Young Animal curated by Gerard Way

This is our spoiler free review. If you’re looking for a more in-depth review please check out our full review by clicking here.


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Written by Jon Rivera
Inks by Michael Avon Oeming
Colors by Nick Filardi
Edited by Molly Mahan
Executive Editor: Mark Doyle
Variant Cover: Christian Ward
DC Young Animal curated by Gerard Way

Warning: This review is full of spoilers. If you have not yet read this issue please check out our spoiler free review by clicking here.


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Hey guys! I deeply apologize that this is coming out late, I touched on this a little bit in my Eternity Girl Review, but I’ll mention it again here. I had a series of days where my mental health was a struggle and I was really having a hard time keeping on top of the things I normally do. It happens. I’m ok, so please don’t worry. But that doesn’t give me a pass to give up so here we are doing a better late than never weekly recap.

Sunday 3/11/18

We started the week of right with some rad art from Marley Zarcone!

And Sonny Liew made us jealous with his advance copies of Eternity Girl!

Monday 3/12/18

Lola reminded us that there is a rad sweepstakes going on by DC that you can enter in until 4/6/18

And Cecil reminded us about those epic Young Animal shirts, especially the one for Shade.

We also got this really cool animation from an Eternity Girl fan.

Tuesday 3/13/18

We got this amazing art from @nemoechelon in anticipation for Eternity Girl’s Wednesday release!

Wednesday 3/14/18

We got a pretty rad interview with Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew!

And Gerard made sure to broadcast the news that Eternity Girl was finally released!

ETERNITY GIRL!! OUT NOW! Going full steam ahead on Young Animal Wave 2, here comes a new original series by Magdalene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, Chris Chuckry, and Todd Klein. Young Animal projects are usually developed in-house, after going through old Who’s Whos and picking out some obscure characters and further developing them with creators, but Eternity Girl came in as a pitch that completely blew me away. To me, Eternity Girl, like the core YA books that came before it, represents the kind of comics I want Young Animal to be putting out. Weird, personal, at times abstract, a lot to discover, and absolutely different from anything else out there. Books like Eternity Girl that tackle issues like depression and alienation help define what Young Animal is, and what kind of stories we can tell that relate to the human condition. So please take a look at Issue 1 of this breakthrough new series created by some phenomenal talent. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Cover on the left by Sonny, variant cover on the right by Paulina Ganucheau. And a new editorial in the back written by me, with a Who’s Who file of Eternity Girl herself! #dcyounganimal #dccomics #eternitygirl

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And Lola made sure we didn’t miss it!

Meanwhile Mags Vissagio was filling us in that all the reviews coming in for Eternity were giving amazingly high scores!

and Sonny Liew gave us something more to celebrate by showing us some of his sketches.

And Nick Filardi was amazed by the new Cave Carson logo on the book out 3/21/18!

Thursday 3/15/18

We got yet another interview with Mags Visaggio and Sonny Liew!

And a little insight into what’s in store for Eternity Girl!

And we got this rad character design from Sonny Liew.

In all the excitement we were happy to take a moment out with Lindsey Way and appreciate her friend Ripple.

Friday 3/16/18

We feel like from now on all bad news should come with Danger Days references after we received this post from Gerard letting us know he was unable to officially work on music today because his friend and music engineer, Doug had the flu (but he still wrote a song on his phone he titled ‘Pick Up The Pants’ which we’re ready to hear right now!).

Bad news from The Zones, tumbleweeds— No recording today as my friend Doug is sick, and I don’t know how to use protools or even garage band or anything like that (I know, I should learn). When Doug isn’t helping me, I have to just record into my phone in the voice memos app, singing out the whole song and sometimes playing a guitar along with my vocals. If you ever see me walking around holding my phone near my face and you hear me making sounds with my mouth, that’s me writing a new song. I hope Doug feels better, as he’s got that gnarly flu going around. Which I hope none of you have, but feel better and get some rest if you do. For those of you that don’t know, Doug produced Hesitant Alien and engineered both BP and DD, and is a dear friend. Despite not being able to properly “record”, I  just wrote a song and recorded it into my phone, using the new guitars @Fender bestowed me with. The song is about picking up pants at the dry-cleaner and I’m pretty happy with it. I wrote Pick Up The Pants on the Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Custom (photo 1), which the amazing Michael Schulz brought me. I connected with this guitar right away, bright and springy and fun to play. The second photo is of the other guitar Michael brought me, which I haven’t gotten to dig into yet but I can’t wait to. It’s a Fender American Special Telecaster in Sherwood Green Metallic. Gorgeous guitar, very high-end feeling, classic Telecaster sound. Curious to see how it compares to my 60’s Telecaster Fender put out a few years ago. ⠀ ⠀ It’s actually really fun to share gear pics with you guys and I hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the instruments, amps, pedals, and other tools I use. I’m also planning on sharing a short video on here of me using those new Fender pedals I got, which I think you’ll dig. Hope you all have a great day or evening, and talk soon. Let’s make some stuff! ⠀ xog ⠀ #fender #fenderguitars #telecaster #pants #drycleaning

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We also got this little bit of insight into the upcoming issue of Cave Carson!

And we got a glimpse of the fantastic art by Marley Zarcone!

And this rad reminder that we are all Wonder Woman!

Saturday 3/17/18

Not much in the way of official news happened on Saturday. Our staff member, Becks, had a birthday and Lindsey explained why she picked up Ripple.

And that’s that! Another week down. Well be back sunday with another weekly recap to get this train back on track. Take care everyone! <3



Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Pencils, inks and cover by Sonny Liew
Colors by Chris Chuckry
Variant Cover by Paulina Ganucheau
Edited by Andy Khouri and Maggie Howell


Sidenote: This review is for those who may have not yet read Eternity Girl. If you’d like a more in-depth review please check out our full review that contains spoilers by clicking here.


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Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Pencils, inks and cover by Sonny Liew
Colors by Chris Chuckry
Variant Cover by Paulina Ganucheau
Edited by Andy Khouri and Maggie Howell


Warning: This is our full review and contains many spoilers. If you have not yet read Eternity Girl #1 I would recommend checking out our spoiler free review!


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Since the signing we’ve been struggling to get back in the groove of things! I know I know I’m sorry! I’m calling this growing pains. It’s all about learning how to balance everything! But to make up for it we’re doing a massive weekly recap that spans across the past three weeks. Enjoy!

Sunday 2/18/18

Lola had an avocado.

Monday 2/19/18

On Feb 16th Gerard posted on instagram that he had a music session that day and that sent the internet into a frenzy and prompted popbuzz to re-share the recent interview they had with him pertaining to music.

And we got this rad reminder about Cave Carson/Swamp Thing being out that wednesday from Jon Rivera.

Jody Houser also gave us some insight into the cover for Cave/Swamp Thing

More Umbrella Academy Cast members were announced!

For the full list of cast CLICK HERE.

Tuesday 2/20/19

We got this awesome cover art by Aliisa (@nemoechelon)

Wednesday 2/21/19

It was new comic book day and we received part 4 of the Milk Wars crossover, which Gerard took to instagram to post in support of!

And we got this sweet video of a bird from Lindsey Way!

Thursday 9/22/18


We learned the Mother Panic playlist had been expanded to included #MilkWars!

Friday 2/23/18

We’re not sure if nothing really happened on this day or if it’s because we were busy driving 12 hours to meet Gerard and missed it, but we had plenty to post about on Saturday!

Saturday 2/24/18

Let’s start with Nick Derington let us know that Doom Patrol is *finally* going to start getting weird. haha!

This day was also the day for the Third Eye Comics signing with Gerard Way and Steve Orlando! The line was extremely long with over 1500 people attending!

Here’s a couple pictures we took!

And here’s one we didn’t take, but was taken while Gerard was talking to me. If you look close he’s holding the business cards and stickers for and smiling as he says, “I love these. Thank you!”

And here’s an upclose of the stickers and business cards! Big thank you to our newest member of staff, Rina, for helping us design these! (The top two are the front and back of the business cards, the bottom three are the stickers! We will be selling the stickers on the site soon!)

And a major thx to Third Eye Comics for being the first signing event for Gerard that I’ve been to that a member of staff didn’t yell at me just for standing in line. I even went to ones where they yelled the entire time at everyone, even while we were talking to Gerard, even though we weren’t going over a time limit with him, they just yelled non stop and truly spoiled the experience. Being yelled at like event staff think they’re cowboys and you’re the cattle doesn’t make you feel very important or special. I truly appreciated that Third Eye understood they didn’t have to do that to keep the line moving in the right order and in a quick fashion.

And I’m gonna go a little out of order on dates posted here and stick with the event date, so here’s the autographs that Gerard did for us. He was so very sweet to personal a comic to each member of GWayFUN staff.

And then 7 more items for future giveaways here at GWayFUN!

And for all you artists out there he also told us he was going to start trying to check the #DCYoungAnimal hashtag more often! So if you have Young Animal related art definitely use the hashtag on twitter!

And here’s our full review of the signing complete with over 100 pictures!

Sunday 2/25/18

Jody gave us a reminder that Mother Panic Vol. 2 hit stores on 2/21/18!

Monday 2/26/17

As you can imagine after having another 12 hour drive home we were exhausted, so again I’m unsure if I missed anything, or this was just a slow day. (I slept nearly the entire day. I was so tired from the immense amounts of driving I did by myself.)

Tuesday 2/27/17

We got to catch a glimpse of this amazing cover for Mother Panic: Gotham A.D.!

We were busy working on editing photos from the signing but had to stop to show everyone this incredibly sweet moment with Gerard!

And ICYMI here’s the preview for the Milk Wars Finale!

Wednesday 2/28/18

It was another exciting new comic book day as the final installment of Milk Wars hit stores!

Thursday 3/1/18

Lindsey posted letting us all know she was in New Orleans with a beautiful photo!

And Lola had deep thoughts about vegemite.

And these interesting keychains cropped up online which we wish we knew more information about!

And Marley posted this rad interview from Syfy with her and Cecil Castellucci!

While we were busy giving away our latest giveaway!

Friday 3/2/18

We received confirmation from our previous giveaway winner that they had received all their giveaway items safe and sound!

Saturday 3/3/18

We got some amazing art from Marley Zarcone!

While Cecil was keeping herself busy dreamcasting a Shade show (check out this full thread!)

And we found out yet another cast member for Netflix’s Umbrella Academy!

Sunday 3/4/18

This was a quiet day, not much happened, other than us missing another weekly recap deadline! Oops!

Monday 3/5/18

We got a glimpse at this really freaking cool interactive cover for an upcoming issue of Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye!

We also got another interview with Cecil Castellucci!

And this rad preview for Wednesday’s release of Shade!

We also got this rad art from Fabio Moon which we’re excited about because it looks like filming for episode 2 has begun!

Tuesday 3/6/18

We posted our review of Milk Wars Part 5!

Click here for spoilers.

Click here for no spoilers.

And orbital comics let us know that Cecil would be joining them for a podcast on Wednesday by sharing their recent interview with her and Marley!

Wednesday 3/7/18

We got the first issue of Shade The Changing Woman!

Some lucky UK fans can even pick up copies that are signed by Cecil Castellucci!

And Gerard let us know his thoughts on this exciting release!

As well as updated us on the recent release of Milk Wars Part 5!

Thursday 3/8/18

Lola let us know about this rad interview with Gerard!

And spread some love!

Friday 3/9/18

Gerard filled us in that he’s working on new music every Friday!

New Music! New Gear! @Fender Guitars has been a long time supporter of my music, and to get ready to start recording again, my dear friend at Fender, Michael Schulz, gifted me these wonderful music-making things. The first photo is of a guitar I have wanted to check out for a long time, the Kurt Cobain Jaguar. It is, by far, the clearest guitar I have ever played. Instantly sounded like magic, gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and connected to a major influence in my life and music. And it sounds loud and lovely through my 90’s Big Muff pedal and Fender Twin. It’s very pure. Fender custom made one of these left handed for Ian Fowles, a dear friend who played with me on the Hesitant Alien tour, and also jammed with me and pitched in with some song writing during the HA process. They painted it in Daphne Blue, and Ian made so many wonderful sounds when we played live with this guitar. The 2nd photo is of Fender’s new pedal line, which I am very excited to check out and discover sounds with. So many great things to check out. I’ve been friends with Michael for a while now, and he is one of the best humans I have ever called friend. We met through Mikey when Michael helped produce Mikey’s signature bass through Fender, which I’ve also shown here in the 3rd photo. Still my favorite bass. Now, onto the music. It is far too early to have any kind of idea when new music will be coming out from me, or what it will be specifically. Would it be a solo record? A new band? Songs for the Netflix Umbrella Academy show? Something else? Again, too early to tell, but the process has started and happens every Friday at the moment. I’m in the discovery phase, and very excited about that. I’m off to make some sounds— see you soon! #fender #KurtCobain #fuzz #jaguar #effectspedals

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Saturday 3/10/18

DC Comics shared this incredible interview with Marley and Cecil!

And we got this great “morning sketch” of Cave from Michael Oeming!

In anticipation for Eternity Girl you can tied yourself over with this amazing interview with writer Magdalene Visaggio!

And there you have it! Three weeks of recaps all rolled into one. Thank you for being patient with us, and we hope you enjoyed! <3

Writers – Steve Orlando and Gerard Way
Artist (main story) – Dale Eaglesham
Artist (epilogue) – Nick Derington
Colorists – Tamra Bonvillain and Marissa Louise
Letters – Clem Robins
Cover – Clay Mann and Marissa Louise
Editors – Jamie S. Rich and Molly Mahan


Welcome to our spoiler-free review! If you’ve already read this issue and would like a more in-depth review please click here!



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Writers – Steve Orlando and Gerard Way
Artist (main story) – Dale Eaglesham
Artist (epilogue) – Nick Derington
Colorists – Tamra Bonvillain and Marissa Louise
Letters – Clem Robins
Cover – Clay Mann and Marissa Louise
Editors – Jamie S. Rich and Molly Mahan


WARNING: This  review is so full of spoilers you will feel like you have already read it. Please make sure if you haven’t read it to opt for our spoiler-free review by clicking here!


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Leading up to the signing I thought it would be much like other signings that I had been to and expected 500-1000 people to show up at the most. Turns out I was wrong and the line for this signing was so long by the time we showed up at 9am that it was looping all through Third Eye’s parking lot and flowed on down the street.

Luckily, my friend and I had VIP passes so we still went to the front of the line and were guaranteed entry! (phew!) We were told by event staff that over 1500 people showed up and I have to believe that since once my friend and I went in to meet Gerard we stayed to hand out business cards and stickers for I had brought 700 business cards and 1500 stickers and we ran out of business cards before we could get through the line.

Once inside the store we were really impressed with how big it was. I’d never seen such a big comic shop before so I was really thrilled to look around. I was allowed to take pictures of Gerard for a few minutes so I got busy doing that and then joined my friend back in the line.

When we got up to Steve and Gerard they were both incredibly nice. Steve seemed to be quiet and maybe just a little overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, but was extremely kind and sweet to sign all of our issues of Milk Wars. Gerard, a veteran at these things by now, was his normal happy upbeat self. If he was overwhelmed by the turn out you wouldn’t have noticed.

I’ve met Gerard quite a few times and he’s always so nice to me. It had been over a year since the last time we had been face to face and I thought for sure he would have forgotten me by then, but he hadn’t. And made that clear by telling me it was great seeing me again. When I gave him the stickers and business cards for the site his reaction was an immediate “I love these.”

And he so very kindly signed two things personalized to me…

One thing personalized for each of the three girls who help me run FUN- Eva, Aliisa and Rina….


And seven things for the site for upcoming giveaways…

I had some art from my friend Aliisa to give to him and he had liked some of her art on Instagram the week before. I told him that he had made her so happy liking her art and he told me that he was going to start searching the #DCYoungAnimal hashtag on a more regular basis because he loves the art he sees under the tag by everyone.

We were so grateful to him and Steve for being so kind and generous with their time and in being willing to sign additional things for us to giveaway to all you wonderful people.

We were equally grateful to the staff at Third Eye Comics. I’ve been to many signings for G but none so organized and laid back. Most events have security strong arming and barking orders at you as you stand in line, but Third Eye had giveaways and did fun things to entertain the people waiting in line. It was an incredibly laid back and easy going atmosphere and everyone was incredibly nice. Job very very very well done. I’d come back for a Third Eye event in a second!

Below are the pictures we took from the signing. Enjoy!



Writer: Jon Rivera
Artist: Langdon Foss
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterist: Clem Robbins
Cover By Ryan Hughes
Editor: Molly Mahan
Crossover brought to you by Gerard Way and Steve Orlando
Swamp Thing created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson

This is our spoiler-free review. If you have read this issue and would like a more in depth review please click here.



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