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Since we did a couple giveaways in October with one ending, at the time this was written, today and one leading us into the new month, we decided it was fitting to give them their own separate post!

Our first giveaway was to celebrate Hesitant Alien turning 5, with what else but a signed copy of HA!


Our second giveaway which ends on Nov 2nd with a winner being selected on Nov 3rd is, of course, a little something we threw together for Halloween!

We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!



I want to stress to you that the text below is very basic. It is not all in Gerard’s words, I typed this in real time while listening to it so there is paraphrasing, misspelled words, typos, and no grammar. This was not really meant to be shared when I started, but decided to put it up here for you guys because I know for some people text is easier. You’re gonna get the most out of it if you listen along as you read!

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Wow! With the LA Premiere and Umbrella Academy launching on Netflix and all the interviews we’ve got lots to discuss this week!

Sunday Feb 10th, 2019

There was just 5 days left until Umbrella Academy arrived on Netflix!

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Hey everyone! I know we’ve gotten a little behind on weekly recap. I’ve been working on a lot of projects that are coming up for GWayFUN and I just haven’t had enough time in the day to get to everything. To make it up to you this weeks edition will be the last two weeks to catch up! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Umbrella Academy showed us the full picture of the Umbrella Academy that we had previously seen clips of from Aidan Gallagher.

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I know I know. We’re super late getting this out this week! Sorry! Things have been pretty hectic in my life and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and get this done. Better late than never right? 😉

Sunday Jan 13th 2019

We started off the week right with Number 5 looking for some drama!

Monday January 14th, 2019

Lindsey Way found some hidden treasures.

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Are we really already done with the second week of January already? Time goes by so quick! Here’s everything you may have missed while you were busy working on those New Year Resolutions.

Sunday Jan 6th, 2019

While Gerard didn’t win an award and his character played a small part, we were super thrilled that SpiderVerse, a movie with Gerard’s character Peni Parker, won a Golden Globe.

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HEY! Hope you’re all having a great start to your 2019 and are ready to dive into the first weekly recap of the year! We had a lot of cool stuff happen this week from “Best of” lists to award nominations to interviews. Read on so you don’t miss anything!

Sunday Dec 23rd, 2018

Lindsey Way unknowingly starts plans for restaurant.

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Hey hey! It’s the first Weekly Recap in the New Year but it recaps last year. Does this make us time travelers? Are these new year’s jokes way too played out? Who knows! Let’s get to it!

Sunday Dec 23rd, 2018

Gerard posted an awesome Christmas playlist for all of us on Instagram!

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